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    Add me to the "meh" column on Revival.

    Really enjoyed the first 30 issues or so, and then it just started to lose its appeal. I suppose if the end were not in sight I'd have dropped it by now. As it is, I'm adding issues to the run but not reading them. I'll pick it back up from issue #35 or so when it does conclude.

    As a comparison, a few ongoings that I love are Manifest Destiny, Unfollow, and Birthright.

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    So I like Revival a lot, but yeah would agree with the critique that the pacing is rather oddly done.
    It's a very meandering way off storytelling; there's a premise and they subsequently go on to look at almost every single angle of life it would affect. From black markets to assassinations to religion; how would these fare when people can't really seem to die?

    It's interesting if you dig that original concept, but at the flipside it means that as early as issue 6 or 7, they'll start doing entire arc-long plotlines that seem to have very little bearing upon the main mystery. It's a series that's consistently "good", never mediocre, but probably a bit too long for its own sake. Also never really dug the colouring, although again, the whole thing looks very consistent and cohesive.

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