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    Default Create Your Own Alternate Universe(s)

    From the old forum 'Create your own merged Marvel Universe' I think would be fun to see how one small change can make an universe totally different, from a radioactive spider biting a different person to a personality difference. So here create an alternate universe or hundreds of universes if you like.

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    I'm starting with a universe that I kinda went back to multiple times with, Earth-2181991

    So here is the Members and Villains of Earth-2181991's Avengers and Ultimates.

    Captain America: a soldier who awakens from a frozen coma turns into a street level vigilante who fights the war on crime instead of the Punisher.

    Wasp: A fashion mogul/designer who blackmails a scientist (Pym), her family was funding, into letting her have some of his inventions so she could play super hero.

    Hulk: An assistant to the head scientist (Samuel Sterns) on gamma radiation gets expose to the stuff after preventing his boss from testing it on teenagers.

    Thor: An Asgardian (son of Odin and Gaea) comes to Mortal Earth to stop his half brother Loki (son of Ymir and Gaea) from corrupting it.

    Iron Man: A weapons maker finds out that his inventions are being use by a terrorist organization (AIM) and decides to stop them.

    Captain America: Hate-Monger, Crossbones/Skeleton Crew, Barracuda, Dellbert Ruskman, Falcon, The Holy, Ma Gnucci Family, Batroc the Leaper, The Watchdogs, Dr. Faustus, Silvermane Family

    Iron Man: Iron Monger, Justin Hammer/Dreadnoughts, Technovore, Maggia/Nefaria Family (Count Nefaria, Madame Masque, Grim Reaper, Whiplash, Blizzard, Unicorn, Eel), Wonder Man, Crimson Dynamo, Sunset Bain, The Ghost, Machinesmith, Fixer

    Thor: Mandarin, Wrecking Crew, Loki, Daimon Hellstorm, Crusader, Tyrannus, Amora, Executioner, N'Garai, Maggia/Hood Family (The Hood, Master Pandemonium, Shatterfist, Decay, Tempest, Inferno, Conquest), Fin Fang Foom

    Hulk: Leader, Hulkbusters, Abomination, Red Hulk, Grey Hulk, Jackal, Nuke, Hybrid (Diana), Mole Man, Maggia/Purple Family (Purple Man, Atlas, Living Laser, Man Beast, Armadillo, Nitro)

    Wasp: Whirlwind, Ringmaster/Circus of Crime, Moonstone, Crimson Cowl (Greer Grant), Egghead, Yellowjacket (Rita Demara), Volcana, Titania, Absorbing Man, Molecule Man, Trapster, Hypno-Hustler

    Avengers: Graviton, Ultron, Masters of Evil (Loki, Technovore, Barracuda, Abomination and Moonstone), Thunderbolts (Dellbert Ruskman, Falcon, Wonder Man, Red Hulk, Daimon Hellstorm, and Crimson Cowl), Controller, Madman, random team up of villains

    Nick Fury: A veteran SHIELD agent decides to create a team of super heroes to battle the big threat of the super terrorists (HYDRA, AIM, Zodiac, Claw).

    Hawkeye: Joins SHIELD after finding out his brother is a spy for HYDRA.

    Black Widow: Joins SHIELD after finding out her mentor (Yelena Belova) sold out AIM/communism and joined HYDRA.

    War Machine: After saving a super smart billionaire (Iron Man) from AIM, he is gifted a powerful suit of his own and decides to use it to help out SHIELD.

    Shang-Chi: Joins the team after finding out his father (Zheng Zu) is trying to take over the world with his own army (Claw).

    Wolverine (Logan Howlett): Joins the team for a favor of Nick Fury, who saved his life after being experimented on.

    Valkyrie: Archaeologist Barbara Norris finds a strange looking sword during her trips, after touching it she discovers shes has the memories of a fallen female warrior and can transform into that warrior.

    Spider-Man (Jason Drew): Same story as his 616 counterpart Jessica Drew.

    HYDRA (Madam HYDRA (Valentina Allegra de Fontaine), Titanium Man (Baron Strucker), Baron Zemo, Arnim Zola, Yelana Belova, Taskmaster, Gorgon, Trickshot),
    AIM (MODOK, Monica Rappaccini, Omega Red, Super-Adaptoid, Chameleon, Red Ghost, Crossfire),
    Zodiac (Scorpio (Max Fury), Taurus (Man-Bull), Gemini (Romulus and Remus) Sagittarius (Moon Knight), Pisces (Naga)),
    Claw (Zheng Zu, Lord Darkwind, Lord Deathstrike, Lady Deathstrike, Reavers, Jade Dragon, Collective Man. Snapdragon),
    Serpent Society (Seth/Set, Viper, Sidewinder, Anaconda, Asp, Black Mamba, Black Racer, Bushmaster, Copperhead, Cottonmouth, King Cobra, Death Adder, Puff Adder, Rattler, Rock Python. Diamondback, Princess Python)
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    AU where the best known heroes died before becoming well known heroes. Steve Rogers dies instead of being frozen, Tony Stark dies in Afghanistan, Bruce Banner dies when the bomb goes off, Thor never comes to Midgard.

    Instead, the second stringers and later members are the ones who become founding Avengers -- Hank and Jan are the only founding Avengers who are founding Avengers. It would be interesting to see the routes the other characters take instead -- does Black Widow become a hero when she discovers that she's lived a pile of fake lives? Does Hawkeye become a hero by stopping an attempted robbery at the circus where he was living and working? What about Pietro and Wanda?

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    AU where, instead of mutants, radiation activates dormant genes denoting Deviant ancestry. Superhuman powers are possible but usually at the cost of some ridiculous deformity, like having treebark for skin or a deformed face to go along with your wings.

    Charles Xavier does research when his powers kick in, he finds out about the Deviants and steals their technology to build a sanctuary for his students. Meanwhile Magneto builds a force of folks to fight against the world that doesn't acknowledge the beauty of his gifts.

    The arrival of super heroes also coincides with the rise of the Eternals, who reveal themselves as superbeings who want to help make a better world. Magneto's Brotherhood has a lot of ideological grief with them.

    Apocalypse meanwhile is completely devoted to the idea of reshaping Deviants so that they can "pass" for Eternals and beat them at their own game.

    Into this stew of conflicting ideologies steps the X-Men, Xavier's somewhat-freakish students, who are trying to bring people together..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mutant God View Post
    From the old forum 'Create your own merged Marvel Universe' I think would be fun to see how one small change can make an universe totally different, from a radioactive spider biting a different person to a personality difference. So here create an alternate universe or hundreds of universes if you like.
    I think the appropriate Marvel term for this is What If?, and yes, this is a fun game.

    What If The Fantastic Four Were Hated and Feared?: In this alternate universe, Reed's PR ploy to turn his found family of freakified friends into public heroes did not succeed, and the Fantastic Four were hunted by the authorities as dangerous fugitives once they escaped from military custody, with this forming the basis for public attitudes towards 'accidental' superhumans, such that most are hated, feared, and treated no better and sometimes even worse than mutants.

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    Continuing on with this universe, the Members and Villains of Fantastic Four, Defenders, and Immortal Weapons.

    Fantastic Four:
    Dr. Fantastic: Victor Von Doom leads his former college roommates, Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm, and Johnny's younger sister Sue, on a trip into outer space where they get into an accident and obtain super powers. After a year or two of being a hero Victor keeps secrets from the group and government about his projects, when told to tell them Victor tries to take over the city but was defeated with the help of a teenage genius (Reed Richards).

    Thing: Same as 616

    Human Torch: Older but pretty much same

    Invisible Woman: Same but has a crush on her older brother's friend Ben

    Mr. Fantastic: Former boy adventurer Reed Richards decides to get away from his home after many years of home schooling by his super scientist father Nathaniel Richards. After seeing Doom's attempt to take over Reed helps take down Doom's power source but unfortunately gets hit and was giving powers. After Ben and Sue persuade Reed to join the team Johnny decides to give the teen his super name because it would anger Victor so much.

    H.E.R.B.I.E.: Reed's pet robot who was given to him, by his father, because real animals are messy and robots are easier to control.

    Skrulls, Kree, The Brood, Annihilus/Arthrosians, Blastaar, Frightful Four (Mad Maximus, Psycho Man, Diablo, and Dragon Man), Magus/Technarchy, Ego The Living Planet, Kang the Conqueror, U-Foes (Vector, Ironclad, Vapor and X-Ray), Puppet Master, Calypso, Wizard

    Defenders: a team of European and Otherworld (which replaces Earth as one of the Nine realms) heroes

    Dr. Strange: same as his 616 counterpart except lives in Europe
    Blade: British vampire hunter
    Hercules: Lives on Mt Olympus in Otherworld but likes helping humans on Earth.
    Namor: Many Centuries ago an Atlantean prince touch a mystical item (Time Gem) and was transported to the modern day where he was helped out by Dr. Strange and Fantasic Four.
    Captain Britain: James Braddock Jr. fights crime with the Sword of Might and the Amulet of Right.

    Captain Britain: Morgan le Fay, Mordred, Black Knight, Dreadknight, Roughouse, Slaymaster, The Fury, Doctor Synne, Mr. Hyde

    Dr Strange: Belasco, Umar, Baron Mondo, Marquis of Death, Doctor Druid, Nightmare, The Adversary

    Hercules: Ares, Typhon, Mad Thinker/Awesome Andy, Deathwatch, Hurricane, Machine Man, Gin Goh, Grey Gargoyle

    Namor: Attuma, Krang, Commander Kraken, Black Tarantula, Darkoth, Tiger Shark, Brothers Grimm

    Blade: Deacon Frost, Sheba Sugarfangs, Baron Blood (Kenneth Crichton), Morbius/Martine Bancroft, Purebloods, Varnae, Bloodscream

    Defenders: Dormammu, Dracula, Lethal Legion (Baron Mondo, Baron Blood, Black Knight, Commander Kraken, Mad Thinker), Thankorr, Cthon, Dr Doom, Baba Yaga, Offenders (Deathwatch, Black Tarantula, Bloodscream, Roughouse, Brothers Grimm), Juggernaut

    Immortal Weapons: Heroes who defend Asia

    Iron Fist,
    Death Sting (Heather Douglas) - Daughter of The Destroyer, a volent martial artist who seeks power, Heather's mother wanted her daughter to be safe while they were being chased so she left Heather with some mystical monks in Undercity who raised and taught Heather how to fight and channel her energy.
    Prince of Orphans,
    Fat Cobra,
    Bride of Nine Spiders,
    Steel Serpant,
    Psylocke - Trained to not only use powers but to also wield and use the Crimson Dawn and protect it from her psychotic twin brother Brian

    Villains: The Destroyer (Arthur Douglas), Silver Samurai/Yashida Clan, Gold Spider (Brian Braddock), Prince Baran, Tyger Tiger, Master Khan, Hand, Claw

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    Members and Villains of X-Men

    Charles Xavier: As a mutant child who was sheltered and bullied by his mutant twin sister Cassandra, Charles was fascinated by not only by mutant genes but also philosophy and meeting other mutants. After attending many years of college he goes to Africa to do a study but gets weird thoughts coming from far away in a mysterious island called Genosha where he learns there is special hospital for "gifted" children. After discovering the true purpose of the hospital, experimenting on mutants and defeating the doctor who goes by the name Dr. Sinister, his assistant Astra, and his security force, the Marauders, Charles takes some the "patients" to America and gets permission from the government to open a school for mutants and to study the X gene.
    Storm: Princess of the Wakanda Mountain clan, home of the white apes. After her father was mysteriously killed her uncle, Amahl Farouk (Shadow King), took the throne and married her mother. When Charles Xavier past threw, on his way to Genosha, Amahl started a psychic battle with Xavier, declaring him a threat. Amahl's true colors were shown when he tried to use Ororo's mother as a shield and she died. After Xavier ends up sending Farouk into the Astral Plane Ororo decides to give the mountain clan land to the Panther clan and help Xavier with his journey, who became paralyzed during the battle. She also suggested for Xavier to shave his head because thats what made Amahl so strong.
    Cyclops: After losing his family thanks to the terrorist organization known as HYDRA, Scott was taken to Genosha. Seeing some of the fellow patients was scared he decided to become a leader among them.
    Jean Grey/Phoenix: When her power was activated, she was taken to Genosha where she was experimented upon and push to her limits and making her a dangerous threat. With powerful telepathy, telekinesis, and cosmic pyrokinesis, Xavier decided to put mental blocks and limited her power.
    Iceman: one of the patients
    Beast: Another patient who was experimented upon and began a feral transformation.
    Angel: A patient who Sinister had big plans for but was stopped by Xavier.
    Gambit: A young theif who was forced by the Marauders into helping them kidnapped some patients. After being attacked by the Maruders, he was founded by Xavier and Storm, after thanking them he decides to help them by breaking them into the hospital.
    Banshee: A cop who was taken into the* hospital by his cousin Black Tom, a Marauder.

    Brotherhood: Patients who didn't want to go with Xavier and decided to stay on Genosha to find Sinister and his other projects.
    Magneto: Met Sinister as a child, among Sinister's first mutant patients. Helped Sinister build his devices and hospital only to find out Sinister's true purpose and was inprison.
    Avalanche: one of the patients
    Blob: another patient
    Pyro: another patient
    Toad: A patient who was experimented upon and was transform into grotesque version of his powers
    Vanisher: another patient
    Rogue: A patient who was experiment upon and ended up a danger to others who wanted nothing to do with her. Stayed on Genosha to be with the only person who showed kindness to her, Destiny.
    Destiny: An elderly patient.

    Acolytes: Mutant extremists/terrorists
    Fabian Cortez
    Anne Marie Cortez

    Dr Sinister: A mysterious scientist who after helping HYDRA by bonding the Super Soldier Formula to DNA, was given part of Genosha to continue his research.
    Astra: Sinister's assistant, another one of Sinister's first mutant patients
    The Marauders (Sabretooth, Mystique, Mentallo, Black Tom, Alchemy (Mikhail Rasputin))

    Mutant Response Division: A goverment security froce to make sure mutants don't get too powerful, led by Bastion.
    Sentinels: Robots created by Dr Doom to keep super humans in prison but was tampered with by the Trask family to terminate mutants.
    Friends of Humanity: Mutant hating mob, led by Sabretooth's great grandson Graydon Creed.

    X-Factor: Mutant orphans who were recruited by the governement to be superheroes
    Val Cooper: Goverment agent and liasion to the team
    Multiple Man:
    Boom Boom:

    U-Men: Humans who had mutant genes grafted into their DNA, giving them some powers and became mercenaries
    Dr. Killebrew: A scientist and ally of Dr Sinister and founder of the U-Men
    Deadpool: A psychotic mercenary who was given the healing powers of Sabretooth and teleportation powers of Vanisher
    Copycat: A prostitute* who was given the shapeshifting powers of Mystique
    Magnum Force: A weapons dealer who was given the powers of Avalanche and Storm
    The Isolationist: A businessman who was given the telepathy of Jean Grey and absorbing powers of Rogue
    Attending: Killebrew's enforcer who was given the powers of Beast and the precognition powers of Destiny

    Hellfire Club: A group of wealthy mutants
    White Set: White King (James Jaspers), White Queen (Emma Frost), White Bishop (Dr. Nemesis), White Rook (Pulse), White Knight (Frenzy)
    Black Set: Black King (Sebastian Shaw), Black Queen (Selene), Black Bishop (Frederick Slade), Black Rook (Mastermind), Black Knight (Mr. X)

    Azazel: Another one of Sinister's first mutant patients, obsessed with the occult, magic and cults.

    Shadow King

    Cassandra Xavier

    Apocalyspe: Time travelling mutant son of Kang
    Four Horsemen of Apocalypse: Pestilence (Living Monolith), War (Sugar Man), Famine (Genocide), and Death (Black Womb)

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    Spider-Woman (Jessica Jones): After gettng bitten by a radioactive spider on a school field tripshe decides to become a hero but after failing to save an old man (Ben Parker), she makes a deal with the old man's nephew (Peter Parker) to have him build gadgets for her.

    Villains: Goblin Gang/Kingsley Family (Hobgoblin, Grey Goblin, Green Goblin, and Demogoblin), Sinister Six (Doc Ock, Rhino, Shocker, Mysterio, Vulture, and Harpy (Lorina Dodson)), Lizard (Harry Osborn), High Evolutionary (Norman Osborn), Enforcers (Molten Man (Vin Gonzales), Hydro-Man, Sandman, and Electro), Black Cat, Spider Queen, Scorpion, Venom, Carnage

    Sentry (Carol Danvers): After drug addict Robert Reynolds consume the serum he try to be a hero but his powers were unstable because of his drug problem, when scientist try to retain him Reynolds turn into pure energy and try to fly away but he crashes into soldier/feminist writer Carol Danvers. When Carol awoke she found out she was pregnant with the energy, after giving birth Carol retained the powers but Robert Reynolds was now black energy that called itself the Void.

    Villains: The Void, Superia, Ruby Thursday, Auntie Freeze/Femizons (Man-Killer, Knockout, Battleaxe, Poundcakes, Letha, Gladiatrix), Salem's Seven, Hijacker, Doctor Spectrum (Alice Nugent)

    Daredevil: Is blinded with magical radiation which makes his powers more mystical.

    Villains: Kingpin, Alistair Smythe/Devil Slayers, The Hand, Hand's international assassins (Elektra (Greece), Bullseye (Ireland), Typhoid Mary (Japan), Silver Sable (Serbia), Echo (Mexico), Paladin (America)), Shriek, Owl, Prowler
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    Rise of the Ant-Man Part 1

    . Henry Pym would have discovered a subatomic particle that allowed for size-changing

    . Maria Trovayna, a fellow scientist/revolutionary cyberneticist/lover, develops a helmet that allows for communication w/ the insect community; after Henry's initial human test results in him narrowly escaping an ant-hill

    . before Henry could provide his stealth technology research to the military, Maria is killed in an apparent terrorist attack; actually a clever and personal act of murder by a rival scientist named Elias Starr (often rejected romantic pursuer of Maria)

    . this incident is enough to send Henry, having braved hereditary but manageable mental illness, into self-imposed exile

    . in this state, Henry creates the Ant-Man identity; combining he and his wife's research; using it to ferret out the truth of his fiancee's murder

    . there are weeks of mystery attacks on individuals and organization's already being monitored by the FBI

    . as Ant-Man, Pym finally confronts the real culprit, Elias Starr

    . during their battle Starr is accidentally exposed to seemingly lethal doses of radiation + Ant-Man leaks enough evidence to the authorities to get Starr blacklisted from the scientific community & sent to prison; if he were to survive

    . Pym retires the identity, travels the world for a bit, and is brought of seclusion by a decent job offer from Van Dyne Industries

    . at some point, his patron Vernon Van Dyne is killed under mysterious circumstances

    . Pym ends up clandestinely following Janet Van Dyne (vernon's daughter) on her mission to find the killer(s)

    . her thirst for answers & cleverness gains Pym her respect

    . he reveals himself to her, promises to aid her in finding her father's killer, and actively begins training her to be a costumed vigilante (the Wasp suit though slightly tweaked was originally worn by Maria to a costume ball)

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    Rise of the Ant-man Part 2

    . Janet, with Pym's aid, discovers the fate of her father. together, they repel the Creature from Kosmos back through the dimensional breach.

    . Pym, reluctantly, remains Ant-man out of obligation to Jan; having started her down this path & feeling responsible for the death of her father (the kosmos dimension was breached because of some experiment he and Vernon worked on)

    . they have several famous misadventures as a crime-solving duo

    . criminal mastermind Elias Starr resurfaces

    . Jan, being anything but reluctant, starts spending most of her nights investigating crimes and recklessly going after organized crime figures

    . the escalating danger level is just enough to put it in Henry's head that there's strength in numbers and that he might not always be around to "protect" Jan - hence him 1) upgrading to the Giant-Man identity and 2) quickly suggesting that the Avengers league up

    . Pym, naturally a pacifist and more interested in "mad" science, begins feeling confined by his role in the Avengers
    . pressure mounts - the growing threats giving him little time to relax and be a good boyfriend
    . snap - Yellowjacket disclaimer: in my version of history, the slap never happened & wouldn't happen because Janet is his mental weak spot!
    . Pym takes a voluntary leave of absence - he and Jan agree to take a break on the relationship
    . Enter Scott Lang - high school dropout - electronics prodigy - almost graduate of Taskmaster's crime academy - former star pupil of burglary 101 - winds up in prison after refusing to leave a fellow student (who he'd been sleeping w/) who had been caught by a Stark Industries security system

    . gets an education in prison - out on parole in 2 years - is, suprisingly, hired by Stark to work in his elecronics design labs

    . he lives in the basement of his sister's place - shares the place with sister and her charming but health-issued daughter Cassie

    . spends a lot of his time adjusting to being a non-criminal and teaching Cassie how to hotwire cars, bypass alarm systems, and properly utilizing the interwebs (exaggerating)

    . Cassie gets sick - Scott misguidedly tries to help out the way a criminal would - he breaks into a well guarded private warehouse that Pym has been using for side projects and storage - there he finds the ant-man equipment

    . having some high quality stealth equipment at his disposal, Scott starts casing the pharmaceutical lab that was, formerly, keeping his niece alive - he discovers something organ harvesting/illegal human testing sinister going on - he does his best to stop it; with Pym witnessing it all

    . Pym, sometimes begrudgingly, takes on a highly skilled but just as equally irresponsible new apprentice

    . Scott's criminal past catches up with him in the form of the Taskmaster and, former criminal crush, Rae (birth name Rita Demara)

    . Pym eventually does rejoins the Avengers as a reservist Giant-Man

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    Exploring some more with the crazy universe, the story, members and villains of the Infinity Watch (version of 616 Guardians of the Galaxy) and Squadron Supreme.

    Many decades ago two alien scientists of the planet Titanos found a mystical item (Space Gem) and summon a creature from another galaxy (Red Skull), who in no time started a war between the normals and freaks of the planet. With the cunning and deception of the Red Skull, the freaks won and started a dictatorship not only on Titanos but on other planets as well. After a violent rebellion the Red Skull was wounded and died but only for his son (Thanos), who was created by the DNA of the freaks and the Red Skull himself, to take over the dictatorship. One day Thanos came upon the Space Gem and unknowingly summon creatures from different galaxies and dimensions...

    Infinity Watch:

    Star Lord: After many tough missions veteran SHIELD agent Peter Quill was suppose to be the new head agent of the American division of SHIELD but was transported to Titanos. After he found out about Thanos and his empire, Peter decides to help out the people and creates a battle suit out of old devices. (Space)

    Groot: One of the Treee creatues of Asgard, who follow the command of Amora The Enchantress, Groot one day decides he doesn't want to follow Amora and wants to be free but Amora decides for the others to destroy only for Groot to be transported to Titanos. After befriending Peter, Groot decides to help too. (Soul)

    Rocket Racoon: A simple mechanic in his galaxy. After being transported to Titanos he finds he likes using guns. (Time)

    Beta Ray Bill: An alien who defied Thanos' empire and was locked away where he was experimented upon. (Power)

    Mantis: An extremely gifted martial artist who was inprison and force to fight in gladiator games by Mojo. Combination of Mantis and Gamora. (Mind)

    Phyla: The twin sister of the Inhuman Black Bolt, who has the ability to manipulate sound waves. A warrior who was upset when she the battle to her brother for Medusa's hand in marriage, was all alone when she was transported to Titanos. 616 vesrion of Phyla-Vell. (Reality)

    Uatu: After the defeat of Thanos, who realize there must be more* powerful items (Infinity Gems) and escapes to another galaxy, the heroes are visited by Uatu, an alien who survives by the superior technology of his people, who except him destroy themselves with their corrupt usage of it. He then explains the Infinity Gems were helped created by him, by taking down a powerful alien (Nemesis), and spread all over the universe, they need to stop Thanos or anyone else from using them. (Ego)

    Villains: Thanos, Black Order, Nebula, Magus Warlock/Church of Truth, Stranger, Drax, Collector, Impossible Man, Shi'ar Empire/Shi'ar Imperial Guard

    Squadron Supreme: Heroes of the 22nd Century
    Blue Marvel (Adam Brashear)
    Spider-Man (Miguel O'Hara)
    Power Princess (Zarda Shelton): Female warrior of the warrior/super-soldier island Utopia who agrees to join the Squad
    Condor (James Dore): Mutant soldier who joins alongside former war buddy Adam Brashear in his team.
    Monkey King (Sun Wukong): Sorcerer who falls asleep for a 1000 years wakes up and tries to adapt.

    Centurius: scientist, and college roommate of Blue Marvel, who believes he is a savior

    Halloween Jack: Creepy scientist who uses robots to fulfill his fantasies and play tricks

    King Hyperion: King of Utopia, uses his power to get his way

    Brain Child: Mutant prodigy child who uses people as pawns

    Witchfire: A sorceress who is power hungry and violent
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    Iron Man/Tony Stark (Super Genius, Power Armor, Industrialist, drawn like Robert Downey Jr)
    Fireheart/Thomas Little Sky (Fire breathing Mountain Lion Man, CEO of Fireheart Ent, Head of The Kisani tribe, drawn like Adam Beach)
    Black Panther/King Of King T'Challa- (Superhuman Super Genius Warrior King of Wakanda living & dead, drawn like Chiwetel Ejiofor)
    Wasp/Janet Van Dyne- ( Adventurer, Fashion designer, Socialite, drawn like Kristin Kreuk)
    Falcon/Dr.Samuel Wilson (Explorer, Social Worker, Super Genius, Scientist, drawn like Anthony Mackie)
    Spectrum/Monica Rambeau- (LT. in N.O. harbor patrol, Cargo Ship captain, drawn like Shanola Hampton)
    Storm/President Ororro Munroe - (President of Kenya, Weather Witch, Mutant, drawn like Nona Gaye)
    Captain America/Kiyoshi Morales ( Modern Super Soldier, former Shield agent, drawn like Will Demps )
    Mockingbird/Barbara Morse (Empath/Psychic, Super Genius, drawn like Jessica Biel)
    Smasher/Isabel Kane (Exospex Superguardian of the Shi'ar Empire, Grand daughter of Captain Terror, drawn like Jordin Sparks)
    King Thor Odinson- (King of Asgard, Beard, God of Thunder, Brother to Loki, Father to Torunn, drawn like Chris Hemsworth)
    New Members
    Nomad/Steve Rogers- (Classic Super Soldier, Former Captain America, Readjusting to life, drawn like Chris Evans)
    Uni/Tamara Devoux-Cleary- (Wife Damage Control Controller Albert Cleary & Mother to Ellen Devoux-Cleary to Uni power hero, drawn like Gina Torres)
    Reptil/Humberto Lopez ( Dinosaur Man, Young adult who join the Avengers after his paleontologists parents go missing during the the Earth & Kree (Blue Kree) vs Ruul & Kree (Pink Kree) War).. ,drawn like Tyler Garcia Posey)
    Stonewall/Jerry Creel ( Absorber of the Elements, Son of Titania & Absorbing Man, Joins the Avengers during the Earth & Kree (Blue Kree) vs Ruul & Kree (Pink Kree) War).. drawn like Wentworth Miller)

    Notes :

    Most of their history is changed. The Avengers have been around for 5 years..
    The The discovers/save Steve Rogers weeks before the Earth & Kree (Blue Kree) vs Ruul & Kree (Pink Kree) War..
    Uni, Stonewall & Reptil are their newest members..


    Black Panther/King Of Kings T'Challa (King Of All Wakanda)
    Iron Man/Tony Stark (Leader of The Avengers)
    Doc.Fantastic/Reed R. (Member of The FF, drawn like Patrick Wilson)
    King Namor Miyamoto (King of Atlantis, drawn like Hiroyuki Sanada)
    Director General Nick Fury (SHIELD, The Ultimates, drawn like Samuel Jackson)
    Magneto/Max Eisenhardt-(Co- Ruler of Genosha, leader of Botherhood, drawn like Michael Fassbender)
    Agent Brand (Director Sword,drawn like Rashida Jones)
    Princess Swan/Princess Yabbat Ummon Turru ( Leader of The Black Swan, drawn like Waed,)
    Alyssa Moy (Director of The Thunderbolts Program, drawn like Ming-Na Wen)
    Black Panther/Queen Shuri (Queen of The Panther Cult, drawn like Lupita N'yong'O)
    Doctor Strange (Mystic Arts ,drawn like Sendhil Ramamurtly)
    Robert "The Hulk" Banner (World Breaker, drawn like Ed Norton)
    Queen Medusalith (Queen of The Inhumans, drawn like Christina Hendricks)
    King Blot (King of the Inhumans, drawn like Vin Diesel)

    Notes :

    They make the world run..

    Agents of The Atlas

    James Woo (SHIELD, drawn like John Cho)
    Shang-Chi (Drawn like Bruce Lee)
    Black Panther/Queen Shuri (drawn like Lupita N'yong'O)
    Honey Lemon (Big Heroes, drawn like Bai Ling),
    Eclipse (X-Men, drawn like Pele'),
    Polaris (Lorna Eisenhardt,Brotherhood, drawn like Mila Kunis)
    Portal (Charles Little Sky, drawn like Rudy Youngblood)
    Arabian Knight/Navid Hashim (drawn like Naveen Andrews),
    Blue Atom (Adam Brashear, drawn like Denzel Washington)
    The Blur (Kevin Brashear, drawn like Nate Parker )
    Dr.Positron (Max Brashear, drawn like John David Washington)
    Kymaera (Princess of Atlantis, drawn like Vanessa Minnillo)
    Captain Britain (M-13, drawn like Jason Statham)
    Aurora (AF, drawn like Cobie Smulders),
    Doctor Crocodile (drawn like Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje),
    Bride of Nine Spiders (drawn like Kabita Manandhar)
    Crystalia ( Princess of The Inhumans, drawn like Rashida Jones)
    Redback/Miriam Drew,(Sword, drawn like Oliva Munn)


    Zero/Isaiah Bradley- ()
    Manifold (),

    Young Avengers

    Will "Billy" Williams/Wiccan (Son of Hollywood & The Scarlet Witch, drawn like Logan Lerman)
    Kate Bishop/Trick-shot (leader, younger sister of Hawkeye drawn like Chole Wang Bennet)
    Nikki Barnes/Bucky ( Grand daughter of the Winter Soldier drawn like Deborah Ann Woll)
    Prince Dorrek Vlll ( Son of Captain Mar-vell & Queen Anelle, drawn like Graham Rogers)
    Cassie Lang/Stinger (Daughter of Ant-man, drawn like Kelsey Chow)
    Luna Eisenhardt/Butterfly (Daughter of Crystalia & Quicksliver, drawn like Zendaya)

    Fantastic Foundation

    14 years ago :

    Dr.Frank Storm, Dr.Reed Richards, Dr.Sue Storm, Dr.William Foster, Dr.Simon Williams, Astronaut Ben Grimm & a young Johnny Storm are pulled in the negative Zone, when the super genius scientists open up the portal. Where they stuck for the next year & are giving super powers only one could dream about..

    Sue Storm - same as 616, Reed Richards - same as 616, Johnny Storm - same as 616 but the flame can changes color depending emotion,
    Dr.William Foster - Shape shift & Size Size Alteration, Dr.Frank Storm - breath/shoot fire , Simon Williams - same as 616 just powered Negative Zone energy, Grimm - same as the 616 but can change back to human from which is drawn to look like Jack Kirby..

    Notes :

    Most of their history is basically the same (They still meet/allies with Black Panther, Inhumans, Namor, Alyssa Moy, Cage, Ant Man/Lang & etc) & Antagonists (Blastaar, Galactus,Namor, Ronan, Red Ghost, Doom, Puppet Master & etc)

    Dr.Frank Storm dies in Negative Zone saving the rest of the group from Blastaar, Sue blames her self..
    Thinking Dr.William Foster is died, Claire Temple move on with her life & starts dating Carl Lucas/Weapon 13/Cage
    Losing his father at a early age making Johnny looks Ben Grimm as father figure & Ben raises him as a son..
    Sue is pregnant with Franklin & Val while in the Negative Zone with leads to both have powers
    Franklin is still a mutant just 1 with super charged with Negative Zone Energy..
    After getting back to earth Dr.Simon Williams quits FF, move to LA, has very successful acting career & nickname Hollywood/Mr.Hollywood & only rejoins the group due to the Earth & Kree (Blue Kree) vs Ruul & Kree (Pink Kree) War..

    Fantastic Foundation

    Current :

    Dr.Sue Storm-Richards/Invisible Woman -(33yrs Super Genius, Same as 616 powers)- leader

    Dr.Reed Richards/Dr. Fantastic- (37yrs, Super Genius, Same as 616 powers),

    Ben Grimm/Grimm- (38yrs, Same as 616 but can change back to human)

    Dr.William Foster/Goliath (37yrs, Super Genius, Size Alteration Ex Husband of Claire Temple & father of J.T. Foster)

    Franklin Richards/PSI - (13yrs, Psychic powers, Mutant, Son of Reed and Susan Richards)

    Valeria Richards/Miss Fantastic - (13yrs, Super Genius, Psionic powers, Daugther of Reed and Susan Richards & J.T. Foster girl friend)

    J.T. (John Thomas) Foster/Earth Sentry (14yrs Super Genius, Human/Kree Hybrid Flight, Gravity Alteration, William Foster & Claire Temple son & Val boy friend)..

    Jonathan Storm/Torch (23yrs, Same as 616 powers flame changes color)

    Dr.Simon Williams/Hollywood (40yrs, Same as 616, ex Husband Scarlet Witch/Wanda Eisenhardt & father of Wiccan/William Max Williams)..

    Captain Mar-vell (Greatest Warrior of the Kree, Ex husband Minn-Erva, Lover of Princess Anelle, Father of Phyla-Vell/Martyr (18), Genis-Vell/Legacy (18),& Prince Dorrek Vlll (16)..

    Current Events :

    While visiting his father at the Baxter Building J.T. Foster kidnapped along with FF by the Ruul (Pink Kree) & where he experimented becomes a the 1st Kree/Human Hybrids & take the name Earth Sentry (This is 1st ''shot fired'' in the Earth & Kree (Blue Kree) vs Ruul & Kree (Pink Kree) War).. The FF are reused by General Korath, Captain Marvell & their Kree army.. Captain Marvell joins the /FF to help them prepare for the coming war.
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    Earth 12


    Mutants aren't children of the atom, rather government experiments trying to recreate previous success with super-hero's but Ultimately deemed as failures or have escaped government captivity. The process involves an air borne additive that unlocks recessive genes that usually would take millennia to develop naturally. Charles Xavier runs X-Force, a base of operations for mutants who want to fight for equal rights against a U.S. government that claims they own them since their formula gives them their gifts.

    Wolverine- The first mutant ever created in an attempt to create a better version of Captain America, unfortunately they succeeded. Unknown to the other X-Force members Wolverine is a mercenary employed by Xavier. He is the enforcer for the team and only protects them because he is paid to do so. He is the deadliest person on the planet. Powers are the same as Ultimate Wolverine, more about survival than just healing. Bones were laced with the only known material stronger than Captain America's shield, Adamantium.

    Cyclops- Field leader during tactical operations, mutant powers consist of Optic Blasts which he can control. Wears a visor in the field to control the force, width and shape of his blasts, visor is not necessary for day to day activities. Cyclops is a tactical genius and can see flaws in nearly any attack on his team if they exist.

    Jean Grey- Wife of Cyclops. Has nearly unlimited telekinetic capabilities. No telepathy, but can create illusions to shield or hide the team for shorts amount of time.

    Beast- A hulk of a man with the agility of an acrobat. Acts as the team medic and in his off time researches for unknown affects of the mutant gene

    Iceman-Power to manipulate water molecules in his near vicinity. Can grow to massive size if around enough water. Highly intelligent.

    Storm-Ability to control weather. Storm is used to provide cover during operations and can be used as a long range asset due to abilities that enable her to create lightning strikes with uncanny precision. Is currently in a relationship with Beast.

    Colossus-Can transform all or part of his body into organic titanium. Has limited amounts of super speed while in armored form which makes him nearly impossible to stop.

    Charles Xavier-Is only know telepath to exist. Has limited telekinetic powers enough to enable him to lift himself and others off the ground and "fly." Is one of the richest people on the planet and funds and houses X-Force operations. Has been friends with his frequent "opponent" Erik Lensher since childhood. Unknown to his entire squad he is in constant contact with Erik and they are secretly working out a long game plan.

    Unlike other versions of the "X-Men" in other universes, this squad actively seeks out those who would harm mutants and closes them down permanently. They will kill in the field of battle if necessary. They do not wish to rule humans, only to be treated as equals. They do come into conflict with several other super powered groups who have goals opposite of theirs. Their main adversaries include The Brotherhood, Taskforce: Ultimates and the Rebirth Program.

    The Brotherhood

    The Brotherhood's goals differ from X-Force in one major way. They want all humanity extinct as they see themselves as the future born now. They attack any human groups regardless of their attitude towards mutants if they feel it will advance their cause.

    Magneto-Can control all types of metal and electronics. Has the only know helmet that is able to stop Xavier's telepathy with 100% effectiveness. He is the field leader of The Brotherhood. Nearly unstoppable when using his powers and most of his surroundings can be used as either shielding or weapons. His tactical abilities surpass even Cyclops. Is secretly working with Xavier for an unknown end game.

    Quicksilver-Pietro Lensher. Younger brother of Magneto. Is the cruelest member of The Brotherhood, can run at uncharted speeds for extend amounts of time, faster than Colossus. Heals quicker than normal humans form injuries. Magneto's second in command.

    Sabertooth-Only mutant besides Wolverine that possesses ability to "survive" almost any damage inflicted on him. Is obsessed with Wolverine and wants to recreate himself to be a "duplicate" of the first know mutant. Has undergone several deforming surgeries to have claws implanted that mimic those of Wolverine. Is extremely violent and unpredictable. His real name and past are unknown.

    Nightcrawler-Kurt Wagoner. Teleporter. Can teleport so fast he basically become both invisible and intangible, although he must stop to interact with others/objects. Having been abused his whole life by his father who was a reverend for looking like a demon he has decided humans lack enough compassion to share the planet with their mutant betters. In previous years he ran multiple mercenary missions with Wolverine.

    Rogue-Known simply as "Marie" by those closest to her. Can absorb other mutants powers if desired. Has super strength and durability.

    Wanda Maximoff-Magneto's daughter from a marriage to a human before the mutant gene was unleashed. She has the ability to alter any field of battle in a manner that gives her and her team the best chance of victory.

    Taskforce: Ultimates

    A U.S. government funded team housed by Shield. These are superheros that the government deemed successful, or at least have the ability to control. Their man mission is to protect the U.S. from threats domestic and foriegn.

    Captain America- Steven Rogers. A normal marine who's body was the first and only successful recipient of the Super Soldier serum. He has increased intelligence, agility, vision, strength and endurance. Is possibly the best hand to hand combatant on the planet and is proficient in the use of all firearms. Carries his shield for defensive tactics and as a symbol of his country he has sworn to protect. Has tactical capabilities that exceed all opponents. Field leader.

    Black Widow-Natasha Romanov, former CIA assassin. Has enhanced bio-metric abilities that give her increased speed, vision and endurance. Is the most skilled stealth assassin known. Has ability to "disappear" in shadows and dark areas.

    Iron Man-Tony Stark. Richest man on the planet and high level genius. Created a suit of armor that acts as a one man war machine.

    Hulk-Bruce Banner. He's the strongest creature on the planet. In normal form Banner is a genius the match of any other. While in Hulk form he retains a more primal instinct and only trusts his teammates on Taskforce: Ultimates.

    Hank Pym- Another genius level intellect. Hank Pym wears a suit that allows him to mimic any super power near him or any of the hundreds stored in an on board database. He relies on his suits abilities due to his normal lack of any superhuman abilities. Is an above average hand to hand fighter but not on the levels of biological supers.

    Nick Fury- Head of Shield, Taskforce: Ultimates and the Rebirth Program. He holds control over most super powered beings that aren't mutants. Is privileged to secrets about all operations for all groups and has ultimate authority in the programs. Has increased abilities similar to Captain America but does not use them sparingly as his team is unaware of them

    Rebirth Program

    A new program set up to re-create, capture and re-educate mutants, making them a controllable asset. Head of operations is Nick Fury. Normal humans in peak physical condition with access to some of the most breaking edge weapons technology which they utilize in operations.

    William Stryker- Head of field operations in re-capturing mutant assets. Tactics specialist.

    Sebastion Shaw-Second in command, demolitions/explosives expert.

    Donald Pierce- Surveillance expert and stealth expert

    Carol Danvers- Pilot and weapons specialist

    This is the Rebirth Programs elite fighting force, they unofficially call themselves the Hellfire Club.
    You brought back Wolverine

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    Thor is pale and black hair and more violent.
    Asgard and the Nine Realms has a more death metal vibe to it.
    Loki looks like a small Frost giant.

    Hulk/She-Hulk: growing up as twins they watch their father killed their mother and was separated.

    Iron Man: After realizing his company has made billions of dollars by selling weapons, including Hulkbusters, Sentinels, other dangerous devices, Tony Stark decides to become a hero to help out of the problems he has help create.

    Fantastic Four: A group of Skrull scientists gains superpowers after exposure to cosmic rays during a scientific mission to outer space, after their ship crash lands on Earth they take human disguises and decide to make a life for themselves and protect Earth.

    General Steve Rogers: After failing to join the Army, Steve ends up helping an American spy named Nick Fury and the spy decides to take him under his wing and train him to join the organization known as SHIELD.

    Captain America: After Isaiah Bradley was experimented upon and then force to fight Nazis he was frozen and woke up many decades* later only to find out that the media and army made him out to be a white man in movies and comics.

    Spider-Man: A slacker who acts likes a teenage Bart Simpson but as Spider-Man is pretty smart.

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    I had a really long post in the works about a timeline that contains my headcanon of the Marvel Universe. But I'll just go with a short version that hits the basics of what's different about the Universe.


    • Characters age in real time. None of this "Franklin Richards was born a few years after the FF formed, and he's still not even ten years old, let alone out of synch with the Power Pack". I'm certainly not a fan of "Peter Parker and Johnny Storm aren't ever allowed to hit thirty". Characters were shown to age within the Marvel Universe, so I'm incorporating that progression into the timeline. Yes, it does make things difficult, and yes, it involves a lot of guesswork about what age a certain character is at a certain part. I figured Steve Rogers was 19 when he underwent Project: Rebirth. Charles Xavier was 31 when he met Erik Lehnsherr and Gabrielle Haller. Scott Summers was 14 when his mutant power manifested. Reed Richards was 34 when the spaceflight exposed his crew to cosmic radiation. Sue Storm was 18 when she started dating Reed, and 23 when she first turned invisible. Tony Stark was 30 when he had shrapnel buried in his chest. Peter Parker was 16 when he was bitten by the radioactive spider, 28 when he married Mary Jane Watson, and 33 by the end of the Clone Saga.
    • When Galan of Taa and his crewmates piloted a starship into the Cosmic Egg, the subsequent Big Bang actually imprinted the DNA of him and his people onto the newborn universe. The evolutionary lines of different lifeforms on different planets then followed convergent paths that resulted in most of the advanced species looking "humanoid" (or more accurately, Taaoid). When humans personify everything and see human faces in inanimate objects and other animals, they're in effect seeing their distant progenitors: the people of Taa.
    • The origin of the Asgard and the Nine Realms as seen in the Earth X trilogy is largely represented here: the Norse folklore existed first, and it was given shape by a Norse storyteller in the 13th century named Donnerson. Whereas in the Earth X version, Donnerson had been manipulated by Mephisto into shaping an envoy of visiting alien shapeshifters into figures from Norse mythology, here he didn't need Mephisto's help. Instead, he was a latent large-scale reality-warper who created the Nine Realms in much the same way Franklin Richards later created the Counter-Earth pocket dimension seen in Heroes Reborn. In fact, Franklin is a descendant of Karl Donnerson by way of the Storm family line, due to a failed marriage prior to the reality-warping.

      Alien shapeshifters were still involved in this incident. They traveled to Earth, investigating a spacial anomaly that turned out to be Donnerson on the eve of manifesting his ability. The aliens' arrival tipped Donnerson over the edge, and he tried to fit these beings into what he believed he already knew about the universe. Too late, he realized what had happened when he found himself in the presence of the actual gods, rather than the enigmatic beings that had been standing in their place a moment ago. But he didn't know how to reverse the process, and he decided this would be a better life than the one he led. He found it easy to convince them he was Odin. He then used their knowledge of space to find a nice, cozy spot in the cosmos to hang Asgard. He even found nearby alien worlds with races that fit the general description of the Nine Realms' races, and he reality-warped them to better fit the roles. An ice planet inhabited by an enormous warrior race became Jotunheim, home of the Frost Giants, and so on. Donnerson as Odin even convinced much older spacefaring races like the Kree, Skrulls, and Shi'Ar Empire that he and this new cosmology had been there all along.
    • The Fantastic Four's origin, taking place in 1979, was a result of the Skylab space station project dissolving. Reed Richards, who had been involved in Skylab since its beginning, planned to use the station in part as an orbital launching base for a generation of interstellar spacecraft. The first such spacecraft, the Fantastic, was still unfinished with insufficient radiation shielding when NASA cut the budget. For a year prior, overseen by Reed and Maj. Ben Grimm, Sue and Johnny Storm had been living on the station as a side project to see how well civilians could acclimate to life in zero gravity. With everything he'd worked toward in jeopardy, Reed enlisted Ben, Sue, and Johnny as the crew of the Fantastic in order to launch it before the dismantling could occur.

      The FF debuted in August of that year, after months of physical therapy trying to readjust to Earth's gravity and their post-transformation bodies. That time was also spent trying to disentangle themselves from legal trouble from NASA and the U.S. government. The FF's powers are in keeping with comics canon, with the added explanation that Reed's superpower is to shift his own molecular cohesion from a normal human state to an adaptive state, allowing him to stretch and manipulate his own durability. The same state of matter can be seen in his own invention, Adaptive Molecular Fabric, the programmable clothing he has engineered for use in the Fantastic Four and other superpowered teams. In this universe, it's not called Unstable Molecular Fabric, because unstable molecules explode, and adaptive bonding is (to me, at least) a better description of what the phenomenon actually does.
    • After the Soviet invasion of Aghanistan, Tony Stark created weapons for the war effort. As a result, he was injured and captured by the local Soviets. But instead of Wong Chu, his nemesis was Andre Rostov, also known as the Red Barbarian.

      Tony's behavior was a bit more like Robert Downey Jr.'s portrayal in the Iron Man movies, from revealing his identity to the public early on, to the technological approach to his armors (imagine the different armors as being somewhat more primitive versions of what was seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but lacking a JARVIS, and the holographic interface wasn't added until the nineties). The Arc Reactor technology exists as well, because it beats the heck out of the transistors seen in his origin story.
    • Jean Grey died as Dark Phoenix, and she never returned. As a result, Scott remained married to Madelyne Pryor, but the sequence of events leading to her becoming the Goblin Queen was the result of their marital problems and a trial separation, rather than Scott leaving her for Jean. Madelyne survived the events of the "Inferno" storyline, and she mended her bridges with Scott and joined the X-Men under the name Anodyne (a reference to a previous identity she'd assumed). Basically, picture Madelyne as Anodyne on the subsequent X-Men rosters instead of Jean. In place of the giant epic Wedding of Scott and Jean in X-Men #30 was a ceremony where Scott and Madelyne renewed their vows.
    • Clarice Ferguson, aka Blink, made the crossover from the Age of Apocalypse timeline, just as the other refugees (Dark Beast, Nate Grey, Holocaust, and Sugar Man) did. In her case, when the Human High Council dropped bombs on Apocalypse Island in 1996, she panicked and teleported back to the Xavier Estate. But while she was between dimensions, the timeline shifted its multiversal positioning, and while she still ended up on the lawn of the Xavier Mansion, it was a different timeline and months after the timeline shift. She managed to catch the X-Men just after their battle with Gene Nation (in Uncanny X-Men #325), and while Generation X was visiting the mansion. Extremely disoriented and undergoing a drastic culture shock, she had an uphill battle trying to understand this new world where everything she knew was familiar but drastically different. She quickly made friends with Jubilee, who was rather similar to her AoA counterpart, and the two soon developed romantic feelings for each other and became a couple. She also became a daughter figure to Hank McCoy, who had won her over with his kind nature despite the fact that she was initially fearful of him (or rather, of the AoA Beast). By contrast, she was unable to connect with Victor Creed, who was her father-figure in the AoA timeline and an lobotomized murderer in this one. As a result of these connections, Blink joined Generation X, was the first to recognize when Hank had been replaced by Dark Beast, and angrily portal-cut Sabretooth when he revealed that he'd regained his memories and almost killed Psylocke. This particular timeline is being watched with great interest by an alternate Blink (from What If? #75) who had become the In-Betweener.
    • The First Heroic Age ends in the late 1990s.[/B] Events start going appreciably off the rails in early '97, with Operation: Zero Tolerance and Heroes Reborn: The Return happening at pretty much the same time. Neither event turns out as well as in the comics, which contributes to the decline of the superhero population, the rise of mega-corpoartions, and an unchecked series of escalating wars that leads to near-total nuclear annihilation. The mega-corporations rebuild the world from the ground up in its own image, burying the influence of superheroes so that by 2099 few even remember that figures like Spider-Man and Daredevil actually existed. Reed Richards, Hank Pym, and Tony Stark are in history books without a mention that they were superheroes. Does that mean that right now in 2014, the world is a jacked up place without superheroes? Well, yeah. Brian Gerard "Kato" Kaelin is President of the United States.

    Yes. This is the short version.

    ...I am such a nerd.
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