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    time to close this thread her movie made $1 billion, and she's going to star in End Game
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    Quote Originally Posted by kcekada View Post
    My main hope is that if the Captain Marvel gets made -- something new will be designed for the film -- maybe using elements of Captain Mar-Vell's costume or Carol's second costume (loved the bolt which I always though was a sly homage to the original Fawcett version of Captain Marvel).
    I loved the homage to Captain Mar-Vell and Captain Marvel..
    The green color of Captain Mar-Vell


    The silver and black colors of Captain Marvel


    The green, silver and black colors of MCU Carol Danvers!


    For the most part, though, I don't know that there is a strong enough concept here for a solo film. I think Carol works great as an Avenger and am interested in seeing her in those films, but I do think a Black Widow film has more potential.
    I have my fingers crossed that after Spider-Man: Far from Home it will be confirmed without a doubt that the Black Widow movie will indeed be one of the two MCU movies come 2020!
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