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    Default Black Cat Wearing The Venom Symbiote?

    ComicXposure have an exclusive variant for ASM #16 should Felicia (Black Cat) wearing the Venom Symbiote. My question is, with the new Venom series in October, what if Felicia was the one wearing the symbiote.

    Me, I would see no problem with her wearing the symbiote, because, she would actually finally have her own book. At least for a while. And maybe due to the symbiote we would actually get to find out what's really going on in her head, because she wouldn't be able to hold things in.

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    I'm really hoping not because with Felicia's current state, it'd just be their way of loopholing having a Venom who hates Spider-Man since Eddie has long since developed past that point.

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    Nearly anything is an improvement over heel baddie Black Cat. Only writer to make it work was Gerry Conway in The Amazing Spider-Man: Spiral.

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    It really does depend on the Felicia they use. If its Normal Felicia then it's interesting. If it's Fauxlecia then no it's not.

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    Obviously the execution matters, but I think the premise holds some potential.

    That being said, I prefer that Flash be Venom pretty much indefinitely.

    -Pav, who thinks he's the best Venom possible...
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    I'm going to say no to this but I will admit it has potential. It's just that in Felicia's current state it would just be Venom with "bad luck" powers.
    If anyone I want to see as a new Venom, it would be Kaine.
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