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    Default How Boldly Will "Star Trek Beyond" Go Where Other "Treks" Have Gone Before?

    Before "Star Trek Beyond" warps into theaters, we look back at the recurring elements in the previous 12 franchise films.

    Full article here.

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    Why is an article speculating on a new movie considered "Breaking News!" again? Breaking news is a story that is big and important interrupting another story. Like say the coup in Turkey. The more you attach "Breaking" to a new story, the more normal it becomes, the less people feel inclined to consider it an important story. Change the "Breaking" to "New" or something. As it is, you've abused the "Breaking News" concept.

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    Personally, I doubt I will see this one. I'll just wait till it comes to TV, if even then. Chris Pine's comment on ST no longer having any philosophy or depth really turned me off (though he was being brutally honest) and I was singularly unimpressed with the last movie. And, to be honest, Spock isn't even trying anymore.

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    Enterprise gets destroyed again? Seen that one already.

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