This will largely depend if anyone has seen the new Netflix series Stranger Things (and if you haven't, go watch it now) but for those who have, go nuts with this.

Let's say for a moment the upsidedown world still exists like all the way into 2016. Hawkins, Indiana; SHIELD gets a call about a particular disturbance at an old, abandoned government facility and the entire team is called to investigate and they find the gateway that leads there. Basically, how well would the SHIELD agents fare against the faceless monster as well as attempting to survive the Upsidedown world itself?

For the sake of argument especially since maybe Daisy Johnson as Quake would be too powerful so let's use the season two team at least before she got her powers. Let's leave Grant Ward out of this and use Bobbi Morse and Hunter amongst the team. Everyone else like Coulson, May, Simmons, etc. stay.

Would they survive basically everything thrown at them as to what the Upsidedown dimension has to offer?