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    Quote Originally Posted by shadow panther View Post
    is selling codes allowed here?
    CBR Community Standards & Rules


    We do not allow users to sell anything on the forums. Selling items, linking to online stores or auctions (including but not exclusive to eBay) with the intent of profit are not permitted. There is a trading thread on the Collected Editions & Classic Comics forum if you wish to swap items but monetary exchanges are not permitted. Spammers are banned immediately.
    We don't care what you do in private or off-site, but on these forums you are not allowed sell anything. So, on the forums, please do not offer up your items for sale or express your desire to buy something off other users. Thank you.
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    Been a while since I've posted here. I subscribe to Midtown Comics. Below are the titles I'm subscribed to. First two are recent issues I picked up available for trade.

    Titles for Trade:
    Scream: Course of Carnage 1-5
    Deadpool (Bachalo/Thompson) #3 and #4
    Immortal Hulk
    Marvels X
    Star Wars

    Codes I'm Interested In:
    Deadpool (Bachalo/Thompson) #1 and #2
    2020: Any/All Titles (not subscribed to these)
    2099: Any/All Titles (not subscribed to these)
    Age of Conan
    Doctor Strange
    Fantastic Four
    Ghost Rider

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