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    Default Charlie's Angels (movies) vs Jessica Jones and Black Widow

    Unarmed, no weapons or equipment. Hand to hand only.

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    Since Jessica Jones can one punch kill each of them, I don't like the Angels' chances.

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    To quote another thread about the Angels,
    The girls have ridiculous strength and durability feats that make a mockery of the laws of physics.

    They survived being thrown out a 10 story building landing on concrete. Being hit by cars. Being flung out of cars at 70 mph and being rag filled on brick walls. Jumping out of a plane thousands of feet up with nothing on but a bikini. Being caught pointblank in the face with explosions that threw them dozens of feet back into another building.

    We're talking durability feats that makes Buffy look like a chemo patient .

    Strength-wise, they broken steel chains, kicked down iron gates, jumped dozens of feet in the air a la Xena with zero thrust. Climbing vertical-wise up walls with nothing but their nails. And kicking grown men through walls with little effort.

    Lucy and Drew have several bullet-time feats as well. Drew Barrymore deflected a bullet with a server tray.

    The Charlie's Angels movies were ridiculous, leaning on heavy wire fighting that made them float through air like ballerinas.

    It was made during the height of the Matrix and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon popularity so it made sense given the time.
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