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    Post Invincible Ironman reprints out tomorrow - Riri William's

    as we all know Riri Williams will be taking over as the new Ironman after the Civil War 2 event ! when the news hit that she was going to be the new Ironman all the issues from her first appearance to all her appearance in the current Invincible Ironman comic sold out !
    if you missed out on her appearances in the book then tomorrow you have your chance to pick up the reprints, yes tomorrow being
    New Comic Book day marvel are realising reprints of Invincible Ironman from issue 7 - 11 !

    this is very good opportunity to get into what Riri is like and what makes her tick !

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    If you take all of her appearances in that book so far, you could MAYBE get a single short issue out of it. If your picking it up for her appearance, I really wouldn't recommend it(plus it's just a bad book).

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    Yah kinda disappointed in the way series is turning out . But sounds like it is being cancelled soon and the Infamous Iron man is starting up with Doom as Iron man . Not sure what Marvel is up to .

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