Greetings comic book friends!

My name is Sam Richardson. I am the graphic artist for a relatively new company called ShowMe Comics (we're based of St. Louis, MO).

My first forum post is a two parter. First, I'd like to know where all of you go for news on upcoming or current happenings in the world of Indy comics? Do you all still visit your local shops? Do you wait to buy them in collected form? Or are any of you big digital fans? I myself am just now jumping on to the whole digital format. It's great, but damn do I find myself easily dropping alot of $$$ on some of the early 80's Uncanny X-Men and older titles from when I was a kid.

My other reason for posting was to invite you all to check out the debut book we created. It's called HAFU and it's a 64 page full color graphic novel. So far, we have presented our book at three different cons (Project: Comic-Con, Wizard World STL, and just last week HeroesCon in North Carolina). At each show, we have either sold out completely or nearly sold out of all the books we brought. The customer reaction has been overwhelmingly positive so far. I want to reach out to all the comic book fans on this site though to tell you all about it. My hopes is that at some point someone (or some PEOPLE) from this forum will read it and post a review or give some type of feedback; positive or negative : )

The overall premise is that HAFU is the Japanese word for "half breed". Our lead character, Akiko Kuno, is a half Japanese/half Italian girl living in Japan with her single father. Shit hits the fan when she finds out her family has ties to the Japanese underground mafia. It's kinda like the world of ninjas meets Goodfellas ; ) Another really cool thing we tried to do was create a lead female character who isn't used for her tits and ass. She actually has real emotions and feelings along with being such a little bad ass.

Anyway, should you be interested, the link to our site is and books are available for purchase. If you do digital, we are on Comixology too. I'm serious about making this grow and it starts with us getting as many fans across the country as possible. Thank you for reading and I'm looking forward to any responses!