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    Quote Originally Posted by Char Aznable View Post
    I'm a big fan of Lana Lang. I feel she's been severely underutilized in favor of the more popular Lois Lane for quite awhile. I'm glad something is being done with her character for New52.

    My dream is to see Lana as lead in her own comic series. It's not like she hasn't had powers in the past. With as many New 52 titles that have been cancelled; DC could make way for a Lana Lang series as Insect Queen. It's not like DC couldn't use a rebranding of their females character. You know amid cries of sexist depictions (breast size to head ration, costumes, scenarios) and cancelling of shows for having a female audience.
    Would like to see a comic series featuring Lana too.
    IMHO a lot of readers would read that too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auguste Dupin View Post
    Let me get this straight.
    There has actually been a comic where Lana Lang left her underwear at Clark's place so that Lois would find it and get jealous?
    Why was I not informed immediately? This is hilarious (in a "how the hell did it even get past editorial" kind of way).
    On another note entirely....Why is Lois in a wheelwhair?
    Superman was hurt bad by a villain named Gog who attributed every wrong in his life to Superman's failure to help him. Lois was on assignment half way around the world so Lana cared for Clark while he was recovering which included doing his laundry. Lois got shot while on assignment, Superman was barely able to save her and she was hospitalized for a while. I guess she must have found the underwear upon being released from the hospital. This lead to a silent fight between them and a very awkward dinner between the Kents, Lana, Lois and Clark and one baby. Actions Comics 822 if you want to get your hands on it.
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    Yeah, Pak's Lana is definitely my favourite. And I would be happy if future incarnations take inspiration from him. She comes off really earnest and her relationship with Clark is just great. There's no messy feelings or angst or anything of that sort, just comfortable companionship.

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