I really don't know where else to put this but I made an account here just ask because I had nowhere else to really ask. So here goes:

I'm a huge fan of the Flash. He's my favourite DC superhero and beats out my favourite Marvel one, so I guess you could call him my favourite superhero of all time. As such, I have watched and am a massive fan of the CW show of the same name. I just love everything about it and if Barry Allen wasn't straight he'd probably be my definition of perfection in human form. But, on to the question:

I know that only episodes here and there cross-over with the Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow in the CW's expanded universe. But I'm just pondering if it's worth watching those shows as well? I should mention that I have watched season 1 of Arrow before. I liked it, but didn't think it was Earth-shatteringly brilliant. I've never seen anything of Supergirl or Legends of Tomorrow.

So for anyone here that watches them (presumably some of you must) I'd ask if it's worth bothering with watching the lot, or should I just stick to Flash? It's not like I totally lose the plot in the tie-in and cross-over episodes, it just feels like I'm missing something. But I don't want to commit to 3 whole other shows if it's not going to be worth my while.

Plus I'll need to look up a list of what order the episodes of each show aired in in relation to each other so I can catch up properly without things being lurchingly out of place.

But to stick to the central question: Is it worth my time to watch all of the CW shows?