Hi guys,

Some Very talented people and I worked on a Short Indy film in Atlanta. It's Called "MAKE HIM LAUGH CH1: JOKER'S VACATION". Long name I know. It's basically supposed to be a pilot for a mini series surrounding the personal lives of Harley and Joker when they're not dealing with Batman. I would really appreciate it
if you all watched it.

If you like it please subscribe, thumbs up and share the vid for support. If you don't like it then by all means say so on the YouTube comments. Talk all kinds of sh%t. I really don't mind. The fact that you watched means the world to me as it is.



Also look after the end credit's for a hint as to where we will go with the next episode

If you'd like to see some BTS go to www.MakeHimLaugh.com


Ruben Mercado

Wrong Space Films