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    Default I think I may have figured REBIRTH out.

    Okay guys , so I just wanna start this one out by saying how much I've been enjoying rebirth so far. Pretty much everything is super on point right now and it feels good to be rewarded for investing in collecting comics in the long form. The dc universe is the most interesting and interconnected it has been in quite a while if not ever.

    Next I want to start this off by talking about a theory I have for the ongoing mystery surrounding Rebirth and the dr. Manhattan/watchmen plot. In this weeks justice league issue 4 I had a quite an idea: what if the giant multi colored colored walking guys/world breakers are actually agents of dr. Manhattan? They certainly have similar aesthetic likenesses in that they are bouth giant virtually naked humanoid men of strang colors. Manhattan is a God and these things appear uber powerful so there's also that.

    Now I would also like to say that during a specific blurb of dialogue hitch drops a hint to something that would basically be a retcon of the multiverse concept. What if instead of there being a multiverse, there was actually just 1 universe that was so big and extensive that other worlds such as our own. Infinite earths, but only one universe. This could possibly be an answer to why dr Manhattan can exist on the same plane as us and interfere. Now this description of a story would, in my mind be the type of story that I could see being entitled FOREVER CRISIS or JUSTICE LEAGUE INFINITY which are names of story lines that hitch has planned for later down the line as he talked about the future of JUSTICE LEAGUE. He also says he has outlines up to issue 37 now according to his Twitter. Th S sounds like something that would take a lot of planning and I can see hitch having this far mapped out.

    Perhaps the secret of rebirth has been right under our nose this whole time. Maybe they're tricking us by saying the answers will be further down the road? I think we are already getting answers or at least hints of answers.

    Now also in JL 4 it is apparent that the world breakers may possibly have good intentions. Perhaps they are trying to save the universe from the purge which is an alien swarm coming for earth. Dialogue suggests that this has happened to other planets, and this led me to think about the idea of the purge of planets akin to ours in the vein of the infinite earths. Now perhaps they have had some success and as shown possible on the last page purged planets and amassed countless hordes of life forms with the abilities of the do universe across the source of infinite earths? This sounds like a story that expounds upon the entire legacy of DC muCh to the aspiration and goals of REBIRTH.

    Now what if it turns out that dr. Manhattan didn't interfere with our world for negative purposes. Maybe he knows that our planet is the strongest purest best earth in the do universe. Maybe that's why he altered it. To prevent the oncoming storm to purge the single most powerful earth of its power. So he had to weaken it. Even thought the our earth may have been the only one to have a possibility of defeating the ultimate sense of evil across reality because THAT is what the dc and its heroes should represent: THE ULTIMATE SOURCE OF POWER, HOPE, LEGACY AND FORCE OF GOOD.

    He had to take the chance that maybe just maybe our heroes will fail us. Just the type of story Alan Moore would tell. Maybe Geoff has crafted the greatest, most metaphysical analyzation of comics in the history of comics.

    Please read this guys and give me a response and discuss. Thanks for everyone's time. Just wanted to share something I've been thinking about and enjoying.

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    Both Ozymandias and Dr manhattan are probably tampering with reality bec of personal irrational reasons. Maybe even Batman will join the reality tampering game later on.

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