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    Default Real-world locations in DC comics

    Help an old-timer out:
    I stopped reading comics soon after the (first?) Crisis on Infinite Earths. I'm somewhat-vaguely aware that since then, there have been a number of attempts to straighten out the various problems that editorial decision induced, and that usually meant further rearrangements of the DC universe.

    I recently started reading the new-ish Harley Quinn series and was surprised that Coney Island, Brooklyn, NYC, etc are all locations in that book. One of the things that I understood as a difference between Marvel and DC was that DC had a rule: no real-world locations. We knew that Gotham City was really New York and Metropolis was DC, but never were they referred to as such.

    So my questions are: when did DC start using real-world locations? Since I haven't read any other current DC stuff, I can only assume this, but they must co-exist with Gotham and Metropolis, right (I can't imagine they would get rid of those iconic locations). Harley has a team-up with Power Girl and they refer to Gotham at least once, so I'm guessing she isn't split off into some other universe, right? Was this part of one of those "Crisis on Whatever" story lines I missed?


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    DC has not ever had a "no real locations" rule.

    They just always prefered made up ones. And they still do.

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    Real-world locations are like drugs: "For losers. Don't do 'em, kids!"

    I prefer made-up locations. I like the idea of the DCU not being our world but with super-powers, but its own alternate universe. It allows more creative freedom.

    If I wanted the real world, but with super-powers, I would read Marvel.

    I think the DCU should embrace the appeal of Alternate History. Like, embrace it hard. Its not our world, you don't need to maintain the status quo to be "realistic". Do you want everyone to switch to battery-powered cars and nuclear power? Go ahead, go crazy!
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