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    Hey guys, I was just wondering, if anyone sees Geoff Johns at a convention or personally knows him, to ask him WHERE EXACTLY DID YOU GET MOST OF YOUR INSPIRATION FOR YOUR AQUAMAN RUN? I mean, come on! It's obviously Peter David's AQUAMAN, right? The Hy-Brasilians look a lot like the Trench from John's first run, coming out from Devil's Deep, right? The Other's were a group for the Underworld storyline. Black Manta is awesome, but Vulko going against Aquaman? Aquaman growing an epic beard? All we're missing is Garth, Dolphin, and Koryak, right? Especially with Atlantis coming into public eye in John's run. And the Dead King being a lot like the green dude from the kinda-first storyline. Issue 6 of John's run was kinda like Vision Quest right? Anyway, I was just wondering and it's really killing me. But now it's out there.

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    Yeah, Johns has stated in the past that his favorite Aquaman run was PAD's and he's taking inspiration from it.

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    I wonder if he reads Lovecraft? Just curious, cause the Trench seem like something that came straight out of a Lovecraft tale.
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