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    Default Where to fit Detective comics into continuity?

    I took some advice and starting reading from Bat man year one, followed by Shaman, Monster Men, Mad Monk, etc. It's a huge list in order.

    My question is where do I fit in all the Detective comics from 1986 and on into the list?

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    Best resource I've found on the subject of chronology. But I can't read it that way - I can only read if I'm interested in the characters that are interacting with Batman. So I would give contrary advice and say use Comic Vine to track down all the issues with your favorite character (unless it's just Batman, then I'd say go for writers and/or artists you like).
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    Those are all pretty much early Batman stories and there aren't really any stories like than in Detective so you can take them as "modern day" Batman and just go in order if you really wanted to.

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