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    Default Selling my vinyl and comic books

    It's time for me to part with some things. Most of my vinyl records and comic books area well-used, only a few could be considered "good". There's some hard and paper back books, als
    . I mainly want to see them go to people who want to read/add to collection (they must go to real fans. I want some money for my time and original investments. I have put this off so long that, and never wanted to think about it, that I need some help on how to get started. For both, particularly the vinyl, I would like to personally meet with the person or communicate with extensively electronically. My collections have been so important to me and I've enjoyed them much over many years, that's why most of everything has fairly heavy usage, at least as far as official grading. If it wasn't for much of it being available electronically or in the cased of vinyl being edited and transferred electronically, I don't think I'd ever part with most of them. OK, any advice will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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    I remember back in the 80s they used to call them records, sometimes LPs. I don't recall the term 'vinyl' being the primary term for the product until recently.

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