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    Default Future technology that probably should be used less as plot devices

    As science advances and knowledge of the universe increases, it becomes clearer what is becoming unrealistic to consider mankind will ever using. I'm talking about ones that will be out of the question for complex organisms. I think depicting them as being developed and used by normal people erodes at the uniqueness of comics. Here are some of mine:

    Faster than light travel for anything with any amount of mass. It is possible for mass-less hyperspeed, but not normal folks. Therefore, information transfer will be concurrent. It will just take a very long time for people to get that far apart. The pioneers will be our machines and their machines. They will have artificial intelligence. They will lead the way for us while we take a very long time to get there.

    Along with the above, time travel for anything of mass. Communication between different eras will be possible, but we won't travel there. There could still be time paradoxes created, but probably not. It will be part of the normal time line.

    Advanced aliens will not be composed of energy or something like diamond. They must develop in an Earth-like environment, a Goldilocks zone. Parallel evolution will bring about many of the same physical characteristics...hand-like appendages, something like a face, about our size. What lives there will look much like a fish. What flies will a have bat-like or bird-like wings, etc.

    Many scientific advances are entirely possible, but it's time for others to be used less. That's what makes comic book super humans special. It's funny - some of the stuff in Star Trek falls under this while some of it is possible. Perhaps this is all moot. If you think not, what are the ones you think are getting stale?
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    Default No human snacks

    Human eating aliens should be dropped from comics and sci-fi. The odds are that differences in bio-chemestry would make us toxic to an alien species.

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