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    Default Star Wars Clone Wars - What Are Your Favorite Episodes?

    My favorites in order:

    The Lawless Season 5 Ep 16
    Eminence Season 5 Ep 14
    Shades of Reason Season 5 Ep 15
    ARC Troopers Season 3 Ep 2
    Night Sisters Season 3 Ep 12
    Monster Season 3 Ep 13
    Witches of the Mist Season 3 Ep 14
    Massacre Season 4 Ep 19
    Brothers Season 4 Ep 21
    Revenge Season 4 Ep 22
    Revival Season 5 Ep 1
    Destiny Season 6 Ep 12
    Sacrifice Season 6 Ep 13
    The Wrong Jedi Season 4 Ep 20
    The Lair of Grievous Season 1 Ep 1
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    The Darkness on Umbara arc through Carnage of Krell in season 4 are my favorites.
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    Favorite five episodes of Star Wars Clone Wars are:

    Chapter 12, in which Mace Windu goes all Kenshiro on the Battle Drones
    Chapter 19, in which Anakin and Asajj Ventress have a Lightsaber dual in the rain
    Chapter 09, in which Obi-Wan Kenobi does battle with the Tetsuoish Durge
    Chapter 20, in which the version of General Grievous that doesn't suck takes a group of Jedi with his RoboCapoeira
    Chapter 07, in which Count Dooku test Asajj Ventress

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