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    Default Spider-Verse (2019) #3

    So what did everyone else think of this issue? Personally I really loved the revisitation of Peni's world and the stealth Sinister Six pun. I really love all of McKay's Spider-Man and I'm glad he's the one wrapping up the story.

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    I feel like they do too much jumping between universes. I’d like to get to know the characters better.

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    This issue was the climax to a story we didn't even read (or maybe I just missed something). I wish this issue was more like the previous since that felt like a complete story on it's own (even if it didn't continue what the first issue set up and didn't really need Miles) or just a short story with Miles and Peni working together and bouncing off each other. Miles getting randomly thrown into the climax of other character's stories just feels unsatisfying and makes me wish they had their own solo titles to explore these ideas properly.

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    All of the stories don't really feel connected, and issue one continues to go unacknowledged. I will say however that I have enjoyed all of the stories, if this was just a series of one shots I'd have no complaints. However this was advertised as an ongoing plot and so far that hasn't happened.

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