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    As a broken record, I still wish they'd try harder with Anya Corazon. Not a Spider Girl, but as Arana, a spider character with her own mytho, independant from Spider Man.
    With the right creative team, she has the potential to be a breakout character.
    Or they could be bold like with Guardians of the Galaxy and go directly with a movie or a series. The public doesn't care if a character is A-list or D-list in the comics.

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    Mockingbird and Patsy are the only comics at Marvel that I'm actually paying anything like strict attention to. They're just both far better reads, for me, than everything else Marvel has, at the moment, got going.

    They probably both sell pretty bad, though, says my cynicism without checking.
    Patsy Walker on TV! Patsy Walker in new comics! Patsy Walker in your brain! And Jessica Jones is the new Nancy! (Oh, and read the Comics Cube.)

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