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    Quote Originally Posted by Ascended View Post
    I dunno, I think Duke's current costume stands out well enough. His color scheme stands out decently, and the design itself....well, it's vaguely paramilitary "comic book-y utility" but it's no worse than the other Bats, and the line work is as different as any of the rest of them.

    What I want to see is Duke get a new weapon, because we've already got a guy who uses a pair of batons.

    Has there been any word on what Duke is going to be up to in the new Outsiders book?
    Dukes costume is fine...I'm not a fan of the yellow...I'd like to see more of a muted color...but I understand that as the Signal...he's supposed to be "brighter" than the rest of the Bat fam

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    Outsiders is definitively a part of my pull-list as soon as it's out (probably on comixology, for ecological reasons, but I hope it'll still count for DC!). I'll buy any and all books where Duke has an actual role.

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