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    Default What characters will replace Hulk and Hawkeye in Wolverine 3?

    Edit: I just read that it is Sinister and Pierce & Reavers who are villains. I had asked what characters could be in place of the Hulk. I love the choice of Pierce and Reavers. They will translate well to film. I don't like spoilers for comics and movies, so I read very little about the content of future releases.

    I've read that a blind Scott Summers would be good for Hawkeye's roll, and I agree. They would be totally free to hire whatever actor is right for the part. I also think an older and more serious Deadpool would work.
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    Gambit or Deadpool seem like pretty easy Hawkeye stand-ins.

    They could just remove the Hulk bit, make that story that's very clearly playing off Unforgiven a bit more like Unforgiven. If they wanted to replace the Hulk, they could always use Thing since they've got the Fantastic Four. Could just cast Edward Norton or Eric Bana, just call him "David" or beep out his name, (this kind of thing would be a good time to have Deadpool) would be funny to see a Chopper Bana playing a Not-Hulk Wink Wink Nudge Nudge—but that might be a bit too inside baseball to end a movie on. Could be someone like Blob, Omega Red, Gorgon or Madelyne Pryor. Most likely they'd use Sabretooth in the Hulk role if they keep that. The first Wolverine movie set them up has having being brothers with a long history, the last one could have Wolverine killing him in the future.

    Wondering if this will have Cable. Like this movie could be Old Man Logan combined with The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix.

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    Xavier will be the traveling companion in the beginning and when he dies X23 will be the road partner. There wont be a hulk stand in cause this wont be aanything like old man logan. Except Logans old and in the future and maybe theres a revenge plot. No gambit or deadpool we would have heard tatum or reynolds were on the set

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