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    did trips really just imitate teddy long?

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    now this is just getting silly

    At least the price is the same as a subscription
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    Quote Originally Posted by lancerman View Post
    I'm going to point something out.

    Cena lost to Rock at WrestleMania 28. It was part of a longterm build that was designed for Cena to get his win back at WM 29 and get the rub from the Rock. Vince freaked out and had Cena beat Lesnar at the next ppv to save face. .

    Cena lost to Brock at SummerSlam. It was part of a longterm build that was designed for Brock to get over strong and set up the next babyface to beat him (or allegedly the Rock). Vince freaked out and had Cena beat Wyatt on the next Raw.
    Hopefully he does not freak out again and have John go over Brock at Night of Champions.

    Nothing against Cena but it would be a complete waste of the gift.
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