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    Default Civil War- Lazy Storytelling [video essay about repetitive events @ Marvel]

    I remember reading Civil War when it first came out and really enjoying it honestly. well, I picked it up again a few weeks ago and realized that it is TOOOOOTAL garbage. Not only that, the lazy hero v hero structure has esentially become Marvel's new go-to trick, meaning all of their stories the last few years have seemed pretty similar.

    Well, what do you guys think? Is Civil War actually great and do you like the Marvel event structure or do you want to see them move away from this "gimmick?"

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    Frankly, now we're on two events a year, and I'd rather that be one event every two years. Anything else can be limited to a "family" of related or thematically connected titles or an extra-sized miniseries (40-48 pages per issue) where the story is strictly contained. Fallout can then be dealt with in the existing ongoing series where the characters involved primarily feature or star.

    Also, if there's going to be any more hero-on-hero BS that does nothing but make both sides look increasingly unheroic for battling each other when there are actual super-villains, super-criminals, super-terrorists, and other super bad guys doing or plotting actual damage to innocent people, that should be chalked up to villainous interference with the psychological or emotional faculties of one side or the other, or perhaps both sides. The plot should then be about the heroes who are able to resist such manipulation hunting and taking down the actual villain(s) behind the superhero infighting before it leads to greater damage and devastation. Hell, there should be actual consequences actively addressed and explored for said superhero infighting, not just younger generations of heroes or those "closer to Earth," in a manner of speaking, losing faith in big superhero institutions like the Avengers like Champions and Power Man & Iron Fist. There should also be villains exploiting the superheroes' continual reflex to turn on each other over relatively petty disputes to go about their own schemes completely unhindered, amassing greater wealth and/or power for themselves at the expense of ever more innocent lives and livelihoods while the so-called heroes are too busy tearing each other apart to notice.
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