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    Question Question about a strange family that appears in several comics from DC and Marvel

    Hi. Sorry if this is the wrong place to put it. Im just looking for an article that talks about a family (dad, mum and a child) that appears in at least 3 differents comics between Marvel and DC. The article was from the "old" CBR, I lost it and I want to know if somebody has a kind of copy or this things was talked on this forum.

    I remembered that one of the comics had Thor and Fantastic Four. The "legend revealed" number was close to 300, 350.

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    This might be the one you mean:
    Mario Di Giacomo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beware Of Geek View Post
    Ah, yes, that one. Great first appearance, in Manhunter, especially when the kid boinks one of the clones with his cap pistol.

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    Heh. I just went back and re-read the article. Brian says the Manhunter story took place at a mosque when the title and dialogue clearly state it is a Cathedral. But the dialogue in question is the tourists complaining that to them mosques and cathedrals look alike.

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