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    Quote Originally Posted by Enigma View Post
    I like the current cast, so I hope that they stay. That said, sometimes a new era works best with a new cast so I wouldn't be upset either way. It also depends whether or not they actually want to stay!

    Also, a couple of Bond related additions for June. I'm not updated with the recent comics unfortunately...
    I think Waltz is a definite no. He only agreed to come back if Craig came back too. It's still unclear how Blofeld fits into No Time To Die's story (from the trailers he knows Madeline's secret, obviously; her father was of course one of his subordinates, and it's possible the current villain is another SPECTRE agent). Info and opinions on a variety of interests.

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    They could always pull a page from Diamonds are Forever and say that Blofeld underwent a face change if Waltz doesn't want to return. That said, I would much prefer they just switch actors and not focus on it much like they did with other characters.

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