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  • The young "graduates" (New Mutants, GenX, New X-men)

    46 93.88%
  • The high schoolers (The Lights, JGS students, brand new characters)

    3 6.12%
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    A pre-teen(?) clone that Laura rescued in her book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Armageddon View Post
    The actual Generation X characters.

    Meanwhile most of Generation X had been kept dead or in limbo. Or the Husk storyline which is worse.
    YAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS to this post and poster!
    I feel like it should be about the characters that didn't survive being a "Teen X-Man" I'm thinking The M Twins, Larry Bodine, Skin, Synch, Mondo...etc.

    (I thought I had more examples but Doug, Magik, Blink, Warlock are already back :/)

    Quote Originally Posted by Bl00dwerK View Post
    The original Gen-X, I guess. I probably won't buy it, but that's who it should be.
    why wouldnt you buy it?

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    So, I felt like screaming, whahaha.

    I would love to see focus on the New X-Men kids, like Hellion, Surge, Dust, Mercury, Anole, Rockslide and so on, together with the other students from that same period, like Trance, Blindfold, Indra, Gentle and Match. Okay and let Kid Gladiator be there too.

    Most of these kids were really cool, or had the potential to be so.

    Let some of the former Gen X (Husk, Jubes and Chamber) and former New Mutants (Magma, Karma, Dani) lead them.

    Get rid of silly newbies like Eyeboy, Sprite, Broo, Shark-Girl etc and no new characters. We have enough great kids as background fillers now. Use those.
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    The New Mutant team and the New Xmen
    Have always been the Next generation X-Men to me.
    The New Mutant have been doing it longer and have Stepped up especially with Business Never Finished.
    And the New XMen team had an experience that I believe no other generation had. The were part of the Mutant boom. They were there for decimation.survived extinction. And honestly had the worst of everything Mutant or Xmen related happen to them. They are the true survivor's.

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