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    I know it's a long shot, but I'm looking to trade for the Spawn Origins hardcovers, particularly the ridiculously rare OOP volumes 1 and 3.

    With the new movie coming out within the next few years I imagine reprints are possible, but if anyone is willing to part with them somewhat close to cover price I've got several OOP Marvel OHC's (like Bendis/Maleev DD hardcovers and World War Hulk), some Absolutes and Omnis, as well as stacks of Marvel, Image, and TPB's.

    PM me if there's something you're looking for and would be willing to help a guy out on his terrible quest.

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    Got Grant Morrison Batman deluxe editions looking to trade if anyone is interested let me know what you have for trade and make a deal.

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    Ive got the following Id consider finding new homes for:

    Absolute Blackest Night (sealed)
    Absolute Sinestro Corps War
    Batman Archives Vol 1 (HC)
    Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn (Morrison TPB)
    Batman RIP (HC)
    Big Questions by Anders Nilsen
    Ex Machina Vol 4 (Deluxe HC)
    Marvel Chronicles (HC)
    Marvel: Five Fabulous Decades (HC)
    Marvel Omnibus: The New Avengers (HC)

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    Looking for

    X-Men Onslaught Omnibus

    I was reorganizing my X-Men shelves after picking up the wedding and eve of destruction omnis and realized I totally missed this one.

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    Hey, folks. I made some trades in the old thread, and I have 100% positive eBay and Amazon Marketplace feedback, both as "bigbadvoodoolou," to put your minds at ease.

    I have a want list posted below with a handful of comics and trade paperbacks.

    ***Updated 12.21.19***

    Comics and TPBs for trade:
    Batman/Doc Savage #1 (Brian Azzarello/Phil Noto)
    Before Watchmen: Minutemen #1-6 (signed by Darwyn Cooke)
    Booster Gold #44-47 (Flashpoint)
    NEW: Box Office Poison TPB (Alex Robinson)
    NEW: Chew Vol. 1 TPB (John Layman/Rob Guillory)
    Civil War II: Free Comic Book Day 2016 (Brian Bendis)
    Daredevil #17 (Mark Waid/Mike Allred)
    Dark Circle Comics: Free Comic Book Day 2015
    DC Rebirth #1 (Geoff Johns)
    Deadline #1-4 (signed by Greg Horn)
    Detective Comics #784-786 (Ed Brubaker; Golden Age Green Lantern)
    Dr. Mid-Nite #1-3 (Matt Wagner; prestige format)
    Extreme Justice #0-3
    Five Fists of Science graphic novel (Matt Fraction; steampunk-esque story of Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain vs. Thomas Edison and J.P. Morgan)
    Incorruptible/Irredeemable FCBD edition 2010 (Mark Waid)
    Justice Society Returns: All-Star #1 (signed by Michael Lark), 2, Adventure, All-American, National, Sensation, Smash, Star-Spangled, Thrilling Comics #1s (1999)
    Martian Manhunter: American Secrets #1-3 (miniseries)
    Seven Soldiers of Victory #0 (Grant Morrison)
    Shadow: Blood and Judgment #1-4 (Howard Chaykin)
    Spider-Man's Tangled Web #4 (signed by Greg Rucka)
    Transformers vs. G.I. Joe #0: Free Comic Book Day 2014 (Tom Scioli)

    TPBs and Comics I want:
    Saga Vol. 9 TPB
    Daredevil Vol. 1 TPB (Zdarsky)
    G.I. Joe: Cobra: The Last Laugh HC or TPB
    Spider-Woman Vol. 2: New Duds
    Spider-Woman: Shifting Gears Vol. 1-3

    Does anyone prefer single issue comic books to TPBs?
    I have the following comics as singles, but I'd gratefully trade them for the corresponding TPBs:

    Batman/Huntress: Cry For Blood (#1-6, signed by Greg Rucka!)
    Coup D'Etat (Sleeper, Stormwatch, Wildcats 3.0, Authority)
    Deadline (#1-4, signed by Greg Horn!)
    Dr. Mid-Nite (#1-3)
    Grendel: Devil Tales (#16-19; signed by Matt Wagner!)
    Vigilante: City Lights, Prairie Justice (#1-4)
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    Up for Trade
    John Byrne's Wonder Woman HC V2 - new/sealed

    Looking For
    Self-contained HC Image series
    The Walking Dead HC Volumes 12+
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    I am looking for Spider-Man: Identity Crisis and maybe Spider-Man: Reign if anyone has any leads, etc.

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    Conan the Barbarian (original Marvel Years) Omnibus vol 1 (sealed) -

    Conan the Barbarian (original Marvel Years) Omnibus vol 2 - DM Variant (sealed) -

    Doctor Strange (Silver Age) Omnibus vol 1 (opened) -

    Runaways Omnibus (read once, scratch on back of dust jacket - see pics, I circled the area) -


    Green Lantern Omnibuses by Johns (I need all 3 volumes)

    JSA Omnibuses by Johns (I need all 3 volumes)

    Brave & Bold Bronze Age Omnibuses (vols 1 + 2)

    Fourth World by Kirby Omnibus (new/fixed printing)

    Death and Return of Superman Omnibus (new printing)

    Superman Exile Omnibus

    Justice League Bronze Age vol 2

    the Flash Waid TPBs (the newish ones, I need vols 2-6, and the Flash Morrison one, too)
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