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    Default how does everyone feel about Elektra being in the Defenders ?

    I'm really happy that she is going to be in the defenders ! she was really dope in season 2 of Daredevil .
    i can't wait to see what she will do and how her character will evolve in the show .

    its going to be really interesting when her and Daredevil meet up again .

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    Yeah, she was a highlight in S2 even though the Hand stuff could get weird and confusing, I hope she gets a solo series at some point too.

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    Can't wait. Loved Elodie's take in DD, and can't wait to see her act opposite of Weaver

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    I'm glad she's back, but not the least bit surprised. DD season 2 ended with such a clear hook for her that I'd have been much, much more surprised if she WASN'T in The Defenders. I'm just wondering if they'll have the guts to make her the villain for the full run (or at least the sub-boss), or if she'll switch sides relatively quickly and rejoin Matt. I'm hoping for the former. I want to have to see Matt deal with the idea that she can't be talked down, reasoned with or saved. That his Elektra is truly gone, and now he must stop her. Also, Elektra vs. Iron Fist. Yeah, I think that speaks for itself, doesn't it?

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    I have a feeling she'll turn in the last or next to last episode, but I'd be more than fine with her remaining villainous throughout. Give us a gradual redemption (well, as redeemed as you can get for Elektra)

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    I enjoyed her in "DD" and it makes sense her story would continue there since the Big Story involving what's coming directly ties to her. (assuming that's what's going to be the threat in "Defenders.")

    And yes, Elektra v. Iron Fist would be awesome. I also wouldn't mind seeing her kick Jessica's ass. (just because Jess always gets roughed up and I'd love to see them verbally spar)

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