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  • No, he's literally Hitler!

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  • Cyclops literally did nothing wrong

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  • Death to the inhumans!

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  • This story is terrible and it has more plot holes than batman v superman

    91 31.82%
  • I'm so skipping IvX

    39 13.64%
  • ResurrXion can't come soon enough

    81 28.32%
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevlon View Post
    How on earth was Emma able to trick everyone with an illusion of Cyclops? Every To, Dick and Harry in the Marvel universe has psychic defences against this kind of thing.
    They actually address this in the story - that she's a worldclass telepath who can overcome psychic defenses (the Cuckoos basically said "how are we to overcome their psychic defenses? Maybe Emma could, but we can't," which was pretty much trying to hint at what was going on). That being said, it was obviously incredibly difficult for her to do since she was literally bleeding from her nose from the effort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Namor'sWrath View Post
    Haven't people been saying that Cyclops killed Inhumans in-universe? The only characters that died at all in this were mutants. The Inhumans came off looking pretty terrible in this, IMO.
    I think editorial decided they didn't want to destroy Cyclops as a hero after all, and after they are relaunching the X-Men for Resurrexion, they want the X-Men to be the heroes. Makes a good story for the X-Men, instead of their main enemy being humans or the Avengers, it's an oppressive royal family that rules another superpowered species.

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    I have all 4 issues of the Death of X comic and I think it ended well and right with issue 4.

    Spoilers alert in case.

    Alchemy Im still surprised they brought him back

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