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    Quote Originally Posted by kevlon View Post
    Pip the troll still can teleport. Unless he could teleport before he had the space stone?
    Yep, Pip's teleportation powers are a result of the Space stone. That's two of the Infinity Watchers who kept some of the powers.

    I think there is a third person as well.

    I was just discussing Maxam in another thread. Maxam was/is a warrior from the future, but it was never clear how he arrived in 616 from the future. My guess is that he used future tech or a time machine. But while he was in 616 he was given the Time gem. At the end of Warlock and the Infinity Watch all of the Infinity Stones disappeared, including the Time stone that Maxam had. Nevertheless, Maxam was able to teleport back to his future, even though he didn't have the Time gem, and without using any technological device to do so. My guess is that Maxam also retained some of the power from the Time gem. When you think about it, it kind of makes sense that a person who once held the Time gem will always have it, since the gem collapses past, present and future into one and the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oberon View Post
    I thought Adam or some other 'entity' had them collected back. But I don't remember that either. MD is one of my fave characters. Always felt she was over-written to be that arrogant. But she got better.
    Galactus combined them in the early 2000s Thanos series by Starlin; he wanted to use them to cure his hunger.
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