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    Well, Austin Books now has an entire "complex"- the main LCS with new comics, back issues, etc., The "Guzu Gallery" which concentrates on vinyl figures, customized statues, new pop-culture inspired original art, and Japanese import stuff, "Outlaw Moon"- vintage toys and new tabletop/card/board gaming; and The Sidekick Store, which is basically the discount store for cheap prices on back issues, trades, toys and other stuff. For the most part, they are great stores. Good sales. Can't complain.

    There is also Dragon's Lair, which concentrates on new comics, toys and rpg/tabletop gaming with a large gaming area in store. Also a nice, well organized store.

    I really can't complain about either one. We're lucky.
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    Just for curiosity, here in Brazil comic book stores are extremely rare. There must be what, three or four of them in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro? Something like that.

    Comics are usually sold in newspaper stands with a variety of other products.

    There's a delay of 6-8 months from the original publication to the moment it is published here. The format is also different: one single book collects two or three American issues, cause there's not an established, let's say, comic book culture to support hundreds of titles. These "mixes" cost around R$7,90 (US$2,50).

    I usually buy the hardcover trades, though. They're sold in book stores for about R$22 (US$7) and have a pretty good quality. Most of the fans collect that way. The delay is even bigger (we're getting the first volumes of new 52 now. I just bought Throne of Atlantis) and just a few titles get that treatment, but it allows us to buy a lot of what is published, which is good.

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    The closest one to me is Aquilonia Comics in Troy NY. Quite frankly, it sucks. I went in there once, and I was literally the only customer. 2-3 staff members working, and not a single one could be bothered to say, "Can I help you?" Poor customer service is the worst.

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