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Thread: Christmas Haul

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    Default Christmas Haul

    So what comic book related gifts did everyone receive for Christmas (or whatever seasonal holiday you celebrate)?

    I got:

    New 52 Flash action figure

    Captain America: Civil War: Iron Man action figure

    Batman and Robin coffee mugs

    Joker key chain

    Batman v. Superman on DVD

    Captain America: Civil War on DVD

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    I was just about to post this!

    The Walking Dead, compendiums 1 and 2
    A Marvel wallet
    A star wars USB desktop hoover (R2D2)
    A Joker hoodie
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    Got a couple boring gifts like cologne , sleep PJ's , after shave etc ...

    But the good stuff :

    The Walking Dead season #6
    Tales from the Darkside : The Entire series on DVD
    Batman vs Superman : Ultimate Edition
    Suicide Squad : The Directors cut
    WWE RAW 16 (on PS3)
    Final Fantasy XV (If it ever downloads so i can play lol)
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    After the Alaska trip Christmas was kinda small in my family this year (not regretting the trip though), but my wife did find me a shirt with Holo on it - Spice and Wolf was a great anime series.

    Last year she found a chibi Oliver and Felicity shirt, and a couple of years before that a shirt with the Psi Corps logo from Babylon 5.
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    1.) Suicide Squad Extended Cut on Blu-Ray.

    2.) Game of Thrones Season 6 on Blu-Ray.

    3.) Star Trek Beyond on Blu-Ray.

    4.) One of those awesome Calvin and Hobbes Star Wars T-shirts where Calvin is wrapping string around Hobbes' feet while he's dressed as an AT-AT.

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    For comic related stuff...

    Suicide Squad: Directors Cut
    Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment

    For other stuff:
    Lego Beatles Yellow Submarine
    Lego AT-ST
    Halloween: The Complete Collection
    Dune on Blue Ray
    A Clash of Kings
    U2 - Under a Blood Red Sky CD/DVD

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    For comic related presents I got Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Vol.1, All New X-men: Yesterday's X-men Vol.1, Sonic Saga Series: Evil Reborn vol.5, and Guardians of the Galaxy and X-men The Black Vortex. I hope everyone had an awesome holiday.
    My pull list: Sonic the Hedgehog, TMNT, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Marauders, X-men, Excalibur

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    I got..

    -Money from my Grandparents
    - A Smart Watch from my mom
    - Suicide Squad & Kubo & The Two Strings Blu-Rays from my dad
    -Legend of Korra Complete Series from my mom
    -Tickets for Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddess from both parents.
    -Amazon Gift card from "santa"
    - Money from my Aunts
    -A Carmike Cinema giftcard from my cousin.

    Overall a solid haul.
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    Emperor Zurg talking 14" figure
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    Only Comic related things I got were Judge Dredd complete case files 5 and Suicide Squad extended cut blu ray, but i got lots of Geek related stuff

    Captain Kronos :Vampire Hunter DVD
    a 3 pack of Warhammer 40k Space Marine models
    Warhammer 40K: Flesh Tearers novel
    Doctor Who: Planet of Fire dvd
    Cthulhu by gaslight sourcesbook
    the first novel in Jim Butcher's new steampunk series
    figures of Jon and Dany from Game of Thrones
    and a lawn gnome and a Subway gift card in non geek stuff.

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    Don't think I got any comics stuff this year, just some good video games and a collectable Black Series Ahsoka Tano action figure.

    Plus a ridiculous amount of chocolates and candy.

    I am more than satisfied.
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    - Samsung 32" HDTV
    - Blade Runner (5-Disc Complete Collector's Edition) Blu-ray
    - Justified: The Complete Series Blu-ray
    - Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Complete Series Blu-ray
    - Justice League (animated) soundtrack
    - Indiana Jones Pop! Vinyl figure (SDCC exclusive)
    - Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (half-pound cups)
    - $50 from my grandpa

    For my birthday, December 23:

    - X-Men: The Animated Series - Volume 5 DVD
    - $40 iTunes gift card
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    Stuff I got for this Christmas

    Atari Flashback 7
    Star Wars Aftermath novel in hardcover
    Pair of socks.

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    It was actually mainly money this year. It was most appreciated and will certainly come in handy.

    The only superhero related gift that I got this year (at least until the cheque clears and I go nuts on Amazon) was the new DC Comics Encyclopaedia.

    Didn't even bother asking for a DVD to watch on Christmas night. Why bother? 'CA-CW' premieres on Sky Cinema in 4 days time.

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    The presents I had that are probably most relevant here would be

    Books -

    Batman and Son TPB
    Batman RIP TPB
    The Fade Out Deluxe Edition
    Alex and Ada Deluxe Edition

    Other bits and bobs -

    DC Magnetic Book Marks
    Batman Keyring Torch
    Batman Bath Duck
    Spider-man Adult Dot-to-Dot Book
    3D Metal Model Kit of Optimus Prime
    3D Metal Model Kit of the Batmobile
    Star Wars Storm Trooper Notebook
    Skyrim Special Edition on XBox One
    Rise of the Tomb Raider on XBox One
    Super Mario 3D Land on Nintendo 3DS
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