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    - Justice League v. Suicide Squad #3
    - Justice League #12
    - Superman #14
    - Batman #14
    - Green Arrow #14
    - Justice League of America: The Atom Rebirth

    Total: 17

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    1,000 books in 2017? Uh oh.

    Quote Originally Posted by CJStriker View Post
    Just wanted to Say again Thanks for This Challenge Again Balakin and Indeed I already on my way to the challenge again as well!!!


    In Inspiration of this Challenge Balakin, I started a my own Challenge Thread as well, Please those Interested come on check it out, same concept, different Media Challenge!


    Quote Originally Posted by Balakin View Post
    cool challenge but aren't 100 movies quite a low bar? there is a podcaster who watches Mortal Combat annihilation every day for a year! Okay that is clearly insanity but still. I think a movie every 2 days is more of a challenge so around 180/ year.
    I think we're all free to set up more advanced challenges. People with jobs and/ or children at home might not have time to watch more than two films a week. If the challenge is too hard, it might discourage people from giving it a go.

    For example, I'm going to make things a bit tougher for myself by trying to go for ten films per decade, with the silent era up until 1929 counting as one decade. I'm pretty sure I'll see a hundred films before I see ten from the 1930s so that'll keep me invested in continuing the thread even when I'm done with the initial challenge. There are other ways to shake it up depending on your interest. (5 films each by 5 specific actresses, 10 films per genre, etc.)

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    My books so far....

    The goal for the year is to read 2017 comics, and 52 graphic novels.

    Sandman #1-16: Rereading the early issues of Sandman, I realize that the series is a bit like Doctor Who in its ability to go with the ancient lead to any kind of setting and to tell a staggering variety of stories. The material is highly excellent, and comes highly recommended. The most astounding part is the knowledge that it gets better.

    Empress #1-7: It's a nicely realized sci-fi world with some clever concepts, and interesting interplays between the main characters (the family of a galactic emperor trying to get away from him).

    Superman: Speeding Bullets DeMatteis and Barreto nicely merge the worlds of Superman and Batman in this Elseworlds one-shot exploring what happens had the Waynes adopted Kal-El.

    The Omega Men (2015) #1-12: I seem to be in a space epic mood. It took a little while to get invested in all of the characters, but when it does, the series gets very good. The sci-fi aspects are quite well-realized, and there are some excellent twists, and darker questions.

    All-Star Batman
    Interesting action-packed ride as Snyder and Romita Jr throw an assortment of mostly B-list bad guys at Batman and Two-Face, leading to some entertaining clashes and big revelations about the characters.

    Eyes of a Cat: Brief but creepy tale by Moebius and Jodorowsky. Nice surreal art. Whether it's worth the cover price for such a quick read is up to you.

    Heavy Metal Classics: The Odyssey (Graphic Novel #1): Essentially a Classics Illustrated adaptation for mature readers. It has some nice art, and captures some of the big moments well.

    Infinite Vacation #1-5: It has a terrific central concept, and some really nice art by Christian Ward, although some of the experiments don't quite work. The fun seems to be in seeing the variations of the main character in all the alternate realities.

    Marvel Fanfare #10-13: The Black Widow starrs in a decent spy drama with beautiful illustrations by George Perez.

    Amazing Spider-Man #141-150/ Giant-Sized Spider-Man #5: The original clone saga puts Peter Parker through some interesting challenges, and forces him to realize serious truths about himself, with nice art by Ross Andru, and great characterization by Conway. The quality of the A-plots varies, Mysterio's return from the dead, and the master plan of the Jackal are stronger than relatively generic stories with the Scorpion, Lizard and a French stereotype supervillain.

    Spider-Man and Batman/ Batman & Spider-Man: These are played relatively straight, as if it were a longer Marvel Team-Up or a Brave and the Bold, about the different styles and personality clashes of the A-list heroes.

    Best of the batch: "A Doll's House" (Sandman #10-16) It seems to set the tone for later Sandman arcs, allowing readers to really get to know the ordinary people affected by events in prior issues that bring them to Dream's orbit. It has some of the series' best antagonists with the renegade dream monsters, and the serial killers convention. I count the interlude issues as part of this story, but it might be the series' best single issue story as well, exploring Dream's relationship over the centuries with an ordinary man granted immortality.

    Issues so far: 64 Issues, 1 Graphic Novel

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    2017 Week 01

    Barbe Rouge Integrale 6 (7 issues)

    Total for the week: 7
    Total for the year: 7

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    Like I said In an earlier post, it seems like I'm off to a great start this year in comparison to other years. Ive already read:

    Aquaman : Time and Tide (1993) # 1 - 4

    Batman : Rebirth # 1
    Batman (VOL. 3) (2016) # 1 - 8
    Nightwing (Vol. 4) (2016) # 5 - 6
    Detective Comics (1941) # 941 - 942 (Night of the Monster Men Crossover)

    Detective Comics (1941) # 934 -940, 943 - 947
    Batman (Vol. 3) (2016) # 9 -13

    Civil War II # 1-8

    U.S. Avengers # 1
    Hulk (Vol. 3) (2016) # 1

    Justice League (1987) # 1 - 6 , JLI (1987) # 1
    Superman : Rebirth # 1
    Action Comics (1938) # 957 - 970

    Total issues so far : 67 issues

    *** I had originally written a brief review of each set I read but I got logged out by the time I finished! As I've got work in the morning I ll have to add that in at a later time! LOL
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    A solid start to 2017 for me but that was mostly because I had time off at the beginning of the year and was laid up with a nasty cough.

    A little Temptation - 8 issues
    A translation of a French book, something I had picked up at random at some point. Not bad over all, nice art and well paced.

    Rachel Rising - 42 issues
    So this book went to places I was not expecting it to go and ended a little too quickly for my liking (which did sour the taste for me). I had initially read the first arc on Comixology and loved it, so when the Omnibus came out I jumped on it. The build of the Omnibus isn't great, it feels cheap and light, though it does read and hold up well. It is a very odd situation as when you pick up the book it feels hollow and far too light for something its size. But when you actually read it the paper doesn't feel as poor as the first impression.

    As for the story itself, it is an odd one to say the least. It delves into metaphysical a lot more than I had expected and a couple of story arcs seem to get lost in the telling of the tale. It is still enjoyable but the pacing and abrupt ending knock it down a couple of points. Over all a beautifully drawn book and it makes me want to try out other works by Moore.

    MIND MGNT 6 - 6 issues
    The final arc of the series and it is as great as the others, I'm going to enjoy re-reading the whole story in one go.

    Fight Club 2 - 10 issues
    So I read the first issue and loved it. So I waited for the collection to come out before I read the rest. I'm glad I did as I'm not sure how much I would have followed reading this monthly! The book gets very meta and has some very cool / surreal moments in it. I will re-read this soon.

    We Stand on Guard - 6 issues
    I'm not a huge fan of Brian K. Vaughan but this was one of his books I enjoyed. It was a fun book, great art and well paced. Over all a light but fun book.

    Alex + Ada - 15 issues
    Another book where I had read the first issues and enjoyed it enough to by the collection. Beautiful art work, interesting story though nothing mind blowing. It does deal with the android / sentient robot trope better than some other stories (TV show Humans for example) and builds a decent world for this story to exist in. The characters are realistic and though the ending is a little cloy, it does wrap up the story pretty well. Over all I'd recommend it for its artwork and generally good story telling.

    Single issues:

    Deathstroke Rebirth - 1 issue

    I love Priest, one of my favourite writers from way back when. So when I saw a new book by him I picked up the first three single (physical) issues. I read the prologue and it is okay. I'm coming into this character blind with no history or backstory so it was a nice way of laying the land. I have the next two issues so I will read them but unless they blow me away that will be the end of my Deathstroke adventure.

    This week: 88
    Total: 88

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    I'll definitely be doing this again this year. I actually made the 1000 goal last year and read lots I wouldn't have normally read.
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    Will be using this post as my master list and editing it like crazy.

    WEEKLY GOAL: 21 issues
    MONTHLY GOAL: 84 issues

    Jan Total:
    Feb Total:
    Mar Total:
    Apr Total:
    May Total:
    Jun Total:
    Jul Total:
    Aug Total:
    Sep Total:
    Oct Total:
    Nov Total:
    Dec Total:

    08 -Gifted v1 & 2
    15 -Massive Deluxe v2

    00 -Astronauts in Trouble
    00 -Ms. Marvel v6 Civil War
    00 -Preacher Deluxe v6
    00 -Baltimore v7
    00 -Lantern City v3
    00 -Stumptown v1
    00 -Stumptown v2
    00 -Stumptown v3
    00 -Doctor Strange v1
    00 -Doctor Strange v2
    00 -Deadpool Omnibus
    00 -Unbeatable Squirrel Girl & GLA
    00 -Top Ten

    01 -Fantastic Four 4
    00 -Black Widow 2+
    00 -Mockingbird 3+
    00 -Thunderbolts 3+
    00 -Squadron Supreme
    00 -Vision 1-
    00 -Hercules 1-
    00 -Patsy Walker 1-
    00 -Guardians of Infinity 1-
    00 -Captain Marvel 1
    00 -Vote Loki 1-
    00 -Red Thorn 1-
    00 -Deathstroke 1-
    0 Comics Total
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    With Frankenstein Agent of Shade completed I'm now up to 28 comics. I'm making my way thru the Bendis Guardians omni but I won't tally any of that until it's done.

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    I tracked my reading on Goodreads last year and ended up reading 105 collected editions for 32,520 pages. If I divide that by 25 its about 1300 comics. I hope to eclipse that this year. I also decided that I wanted to read Marvel comics from the beginning, so I am reading (at least) 1 silver age book a day starting with Fantastic Four #1.


    100 Bullets 1-14
    Amazing Fantasy #15
    Aquaman Time and Tide 1-4
    Batman 1-6
    Incredible Hulk 1-2
    Fantastic Four 1-5
    Fatale 1-12
    Tales to Astonish 29
    Uncanny X-Men 132-135
    Unity 1-8
    X-O Manowar 15-22

    Total 65

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    I read a personal best of 1774 issues last year, I aim to beat it this year.

    So far:

    DMZ Book 1 - 12 issues
    Deadly Class Deluxe Edition Book 1 - 16 issues
    Ultimate Spider-Man - 7 issues
    Ultimate X-Men - 6 issues
    The Ultimates - 6 issues
    Daredevil Omnibus by Bendis Volume 1 - 5 issues (56-60)
    Spider-Gwen (Vol 2) 3 issues
    Planetary Omnibus (9-11) - 3 issues
    Scalped - Deluxe Volume 1 - 5 issues
    Sweet Tooth - Volume 1 - 12 issues
    Green Lantern - Volume 1 - 2 issues

    So far 77

    Just read Sweet Tooth in one sitting and need the next two volumes now!!
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    I will try again this year . even though I didn't come anywhere close last year :-(

    I know that most of my reading will be the Prince Valiant books from Fantagraphics.
    I purchased vol. 1 in 2016 and just love it!

    Question: these are very different than your regular coming in that they are weekly one page strips. How would you count "no. of books" for these?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henrik K. Kristensen View Post
    I will try again this year . even though I didn't come anywhere close last year :-(

    I know that most of my reading will be the Prince Valiant books from Fantagraphics.
    I purchased vol. 1 in 2016 and just love it!

    Question: these are very different than your regular coming in that they are weekly one page strips. How would you count "no. of books" for these?
    I just divided the page count by 23 if I remember correctly. One page doesn't take much longer than your regular bronze age books or a current Jason Aaron page (he tends to be kind wordy for modern books).

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    Continuing with my goal of 2017 issues and 52 graphic novels (which I'll define as books that aren't collections of standard 22 page comics).

    Graphic Novel #2: Mooncop #1)
    Pleasant, clever and dry story of a cop in a weird lonely location.

    Graphic Novel #3: Demon Volume 1) Messed up origin story. It is more fun going into it knowing as little as possible about what the book's about.

    Sandman #17-20) Clever one-offs about individuals affected by Dream and Death.

    Planetary #1-15, Planetary/ Authority, Planetary/ Batman) The early issues of Planetary have interesting standalone riffs on genre staples (pulp heroes, hong kong action cinema, etc.), and a large focus on interdimensional snowflakes that is soon replaced by a different and better mystery about a conspiracy run by four evil super-powered astronauts. The cast chemistry is excellent, the art is amazing, with Ellis and Cassady getting to the spirit of the item they're riffing on in the space of a single issue that still functions as part of a larger storyline.

    The Ultimates #1-13) Possibly the best example of cinematic storytelling. What I find interesting is how the heroes are legitimately nuanced, potentially viewed in different ways (you could read them as frauds, or as being ultimately right.) It's a lot of fun, with some of the best action sequences in comics.

    Vote Loki #1-4)
    Solid, surprisingly timely political parody.

    Batman #386-388/ Detective Comics #553-555) The first appearance of Black Mask focuses a lot on make-up and appearances. These are okay, but generic 80s Batman stories.

    Red Wing #1-4) Interesting story of a time travel war that seems to collapse in the latter half.

    Total So Far: 3 Graphic Novels, 112 regular issues

    Best of the Batch) Ultimates #1-13

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    Quote Originally Posted by krisis View Post
    Week One Reading = 63 issues! I caught up on all the Rebirth Specials, read up on Lois and Clark, devoured Clean Room and SemiAutoMagic, and went back from some New52 JL.
    Week Two Reading = 46 issues!

    I wish this was a little higher, but I crashed pretty early a few nights this week. Still bumming around in early New 52 before I dive into Rebirth. I was surprised by how much I loved Johns's Aquaman and disliked the beautiful Flash, although I already knew how much I hate Azzarello Wonder Woman. Also, I discovered I do not enjoy Alan Moore's Swamp Thing! That's one less classic run to read.

    Wonder Woman (2011) #1-12 & 0
    Aquaman (2011) #1-12
    Swamp Thing (1985) #37-38
    Hellblazer (1988) #1
    The Flash (2011) #1-9
    Justice League Dark (2011) #1-6
    Batman (2011) #1-3

    2017 Total: 109 issues! 14 days and I'm 10% done!
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