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    Default Change: An Apocalyptic Novel -

    Hello all!

    I just released a self-published book called 'Change,' a novel about the end of the world as a contagion sweeps the world, bringing the dead back to life. For all those still interested in tales of survival amidst an undead apocalypse, I welcome you to check it out!

    If any of you do decide to read my book, please leave me feedback. I really enjoyed writing this book, and plan on writing more (both related to this title and new/different ideas), and I welcome anything that could make me a stronger writer.

    Thank you!

    Change - A Novel
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    Don't know how large the image will be as I am uploading from a tablet, but I thought I'd share art related to this book.

    Below is a sketch I've done, playing around with a cover idea for a short story about one of the characters in my book. Might do a 'Meet so-and-so' style piece for each major character soon.

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    Free book giveaway -

    If any of you are interested, I will be giving away a copy of my book to one of the people retweeting the message on my twitter. Retweet for a chance at a free zombie book!

    Winner will be announced Wednesday afternoon (CST)

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