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    Quote Originally Posted by Immortal Weapon View Post
    It saddens me that people don't value platonic relationships.
    Saddens me more LGBTs are a decent percentage of the population but only a handful are represented in comics more.

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    Well if we go for realism than there should also be quite a few characters who have friends with benefits-ish relationships but all in all the Movies should focus on the more essential stuff with romance and sexual relationships not getting such a huge focus.

    The way they set that up with Sharon and Steve was a good example on how to do that in my opinion. It started in Winter Soldier and caried over to Civil War without ever being out of place.
    Widow and Hulk on the other Hand was much more on the nose, came out of nowhere and didn't add anything to the movie apart from a few wasted minutes as it ended right there apparently.
    No one except Whedon seems to have much of an interest in that relationship.

    Thors and Janes relationship... well the Movie was build around it so I guess it was needed there.
    Stark and Pepper worked because that was a character arc for Tony but you could have done that with Rhodes and without the romance too.
    Antman and the Wasp? Felt unnecessary.

    But I regress.

    At the End of the day I say we should keep romances to a minimum especially when it doesn't seem to make sense for the characters. As far as the BuckyxCap matter goes: I never felt a possible romance.
    I mean they could easily add it in from were they are now but so far I didn't see any indications. Not to mention that 50% of the americans would get a stroke if they were to go for it hahaha.
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