Excuse me, guys, but I post this message to any moderator or administator who can read it.

This morning, I entered in Comic Book Resources and my Avast Antivirus warned me that the site has a threat. It seems to be an infected Script with a trojan or something. I couldn't read it completely, but that seems to be the problem. I entered into the Forums, and the same alarm was activated by the Avast. So, I had to clean-up my computer just in case.

I'm sending you this message from another computer without any security system so I can send you the message.

So, any moderator or administrator who read this, please check it out if you find the problem and solve it. This is one of my favourites websites, and I don't want to stay out because of such a problem.

PD: Sorry for repeating this thread in another place, but I wasn't sure which place was the correct one to post this.