So I achieved my big milestone of hitting 2,500 trophies. I added 26 trophies to make this happen as I gear close to another platinum. Hopefully i nail that mark soon. Also I started a new game and its a PS3 classic !

Catch It (Conner caught up with Rupert) - Bronze
Just a Machine (Hank killed Conner) - Bronze
When A Plan Comes Together (Markus no casualty or alarm) - Bronze
A Glimpse of Jericho (Conner connected to Simon) - Bronze
Burn the Place (Markus did violent riot) - Bronze
Confrontation (Markus attacked police) - Bronze
Priorities (Conner killed the Chloe) - Bronze
Moral Victory (Markus made soldiers stand back) - Bronze
Safe Harbor (Alice and Kara crossed border) - Bronze
An Army of Me (Conner converted the Androids) - Bronze
Mission Complete (Conner killed Deviant leader) - Bronze
My Turn to Decide (Conner resisted hacking attempt) - Bronze
Compliant (Conner stayed machine) - Bronze
Undefeated (Don't lose any fight at end) - Silver
Bookworm (Find every Magazine in game) - Silver
Partners (Hank & Conner were friends til end) - Silver
Happy Family (Alice , Kara & Luther together at end) - Silver
I'll Be Back (Conner died & returned at every Oppertunity) - Silver
This is My Story (Finish Game Once) - Gold
These Our Are Stories (Spend 20,000 bonus points) - Gold
Survivors (Everyone Alive at End) - Gold

Got a Car & a Date (Complete Welcome to Age of Metal) - Bronze
Start a Revolution ! (Complete Exploited in Bowls of Hell) - Bronze

Undisputed Champion of Erdrea (Becoming Hero of Octagonian Arena) - Bronze
Wild Blue Yonder (Awarded for Opening Sea Gates to Wider World) - Bronze
Beast Blaster (Awarded for Defeating 100,000 monsters) - Silver