I don't usually post such quick updates but within 8 days I have notched 33 more trophies to my list and a lot is due to a new game I got that has taken my time. Also I scored a few others as well. Anyhow its time to list them and my current trophy count is 1,918 total.

Downfall (Complete Chapter 3 of Oswald's tale) - Bronze
A Victim's Heart (Complete Chapter 6) - Bronze
Oswald Ending (Complete Oswald Tale) - Bronze
Fate (Complete prelude of Velvet's tale) - Bronze

Its All About the Money (Obtain Yojimbo) - Bronze

Were Here to Help (Complete new kid on block) - Bronze
Out of the Cobblepott , Into Fire (Complete its good to be bad) - Bronze
Treadmill Turbulence (Complete S.T.A.R.S in your eyes) - Bronze
Eco Unfriendly (Complete Harley & Ivy) - Bronze
Man or Monster (Complete Arkham Barely Believe it) - Bronze
Kneel before Grodd (Complete Con-Grodd-ulations) - Bronze
Show them Fear (Complete Oa No ) - Bronze
You Say Shazam , I Say Mazahs (complete fight at Museum) - Bronze
Under the Sea-King (Complete sea-king trouble) - Bronze
Cooking up a Deathstorm (Complete Gridlock) - Bronze
An Explosive Entrance (Complete Apokolips Wow) - Bronze
Kalibak to Basics (Complete one with T-Rex mech) - Bronze
Syndicate Slayed (Complete they think its Owl over) - Bronze
Monorail Mayhem (Complete Steppenwolf Surprise) - Bronze
Deceiving Darkseid (Complete Darkseid of Moon) - Bronze
Granny Loves You (Complete Granny Knows Best) - Bronze
Superman Unchained (Complete Man to Mantis) - Bronze
Stomping Stompa (Complete these Boots are made for Stompa) - Bronze
Cannons at the Ready (Complete Arma-Ghetto-Superstar) - Bronze
Sing-a-long Showdown (Complete You Kanto-utch This) - Bronze
Anti-Life Finds a Way (Complete Story) - Gold
When Their in a Cut-Scene (Create your own custom character) - Bronze
That top hat with Trousers (Change custom body piece 5 times) - Bronze
Hit the Jackpot (Get 10x combat multiplier ) Bronze
Most Wanted (Achieve highest most wanted in Hub) - Bronze
Man of Steel (Complete level without Dying) - Silver
The Enemy Within (Take selfie as Joker with Batman) - Bronze