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    Default Germany to name Hulk Hogan as Special Representative !

    It appears that Germany has decided to one up Trump's best friend and send a message to both of them. In fact the article claims that Hogan has a big announcement he's hyping which will according to sources to confirm he's gonna be Germany's special representative.


    Merkel is running Wild with Hulkamania !

    Dave Reynolds

    Pro wrestler Hulk Hogan recently was re-added back to the WWE Hall of Fame and has been doing appearances again a couple years after a negative rant he gave. Hogan apologized and it appears that with the WWE forgiving him after his years away , he's ready for a new career. Hogan has hinted his special announcement is coming soon but according to sources its not a in ring return or appearance in wrestling right now. In fact its a complete different world Hogan seems to be entering.

    Days after Russia announced that Steven Seagal will be a special representative for them to improve relations , Germany has decided to one up that country. Angela Merkel is expected to announce that Hogan will now be their special representative and be used in ads for the country. Also the fact Hogan himself will appear with Merkel at events for the UN and other global meetings.

    As a source claims its more a message to Donald Trump as well , 'Merkel is tired of Trump's bullying tactics at these meetings and him shoving people around to get photo ops. Hogan is expected to be a diplomat and have immunity and will be there to make sure this stops now."

    As the source continued , "Hulk will have a special message for those looking to think they can bully others ; Whatcha gonna do when the largest arms in the world and Angela Merkel run wild on you !"


    I'm thinking China has to go after Chuck Norris possibly as their special representative next !

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    What?! We couldn't get Hasselhoff?
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