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    Default Green Lantern - Planet of the Apes #1

    Anyone else bought this, if so what's your thoughts on it?
    I won't go into detail about it, though I will say it appears to be set between the first two original films after Taylor has found the remains of the Statue of Liberty and before Brent comes looking for him.
    It doesn't come across as being as good as the GL - Star Trek crossover and I'm also disappointed with the artwork.
    I'm going to stick with it and see where it goes, but I don't think it's going to get another run next year.

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    I loved the first GL/Star Trek crossover, haven't read the second one yet.

    But I passed on this because the artwork looked weak and I'm not a fan of Justin Jordan - I read one book by him and it bored me and I guess he was on a short leash! (The neckbeard doesn't help.)

    A lot of people said it was just like the storyline with the Phantom Lantern - that's a bummer.

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