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    I am finding this very bleak. Does it end with everyone dead? I fear we may lose HB and at least one of the other core three.
    There came a time when the Old Gods died! The Brave died with the Cunning! The Noble perished locked in battle with unleashed Evil! It was the last day for them! An ancient era was passing in fiery holocaust!

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    Somehow Hellboy will be around until the end of the world with Hecate, I'm assuming this is from a spiritual realm and not to be taken literally.

    Abe is the new race of man, the hyper-evolved frog form, so I'm guessing he will be around to help shepherd in the new era of humanity.

    I think Liz is literally going to scorch the world, I predict this will be the end of her as she unleashes all of her powers destroying everything on the surface.

    In any case, yes it is very bleak and dire, and they've seen it come for a while, but it never compromised the good in them, and they are facing their end on their own terms. I think that's very heroic, like the Norse gods facing Ragnarok, knowing it's the ultimate end but choosing to fight anyways. We all face death, it's inevitable, like Hellboy doing the stuff he will do, but it's how we face death and the end that defines us.

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