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    Default Two Spider Islands?

    Please forgive my ignorance in advance but I have been of the spider-man loop for a while, anyway I recently read a five issue event called Spider-Island at the climax Agent died and supposedly stayed dead, there was no hint of Kaine or Antivenom or the Fantastic Four, most people remained either as dinosaur or spider mutants, Captain America, Captain Marvel and Iron Man become Werewolf, Vampire and Goblin. Am I guessing correctly that there are two different Spider-Island events and the one I read was an Alt. reality/stand-alone event.
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    I'm assuming you are writing about Battleworld/Secret Wars Spider-island.
    That is correct. Like House of M, Age of Apocalypse, and some others there exists a Earth(s) where they are real and each exists. The one you read was an Alt. reality/stand-alone event during Secret Wars event.

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