Comixology's description for Superwoman #9 (Due out in April):

“SUPER WOMEN” part one! In this story tying in to “Superman Reborn Aftermath,” Lois Lane and Lana Lang find themselves reunited at last! Along with the Man of Steel, their reunion is cut short by the return of Cannon and Saber, who arrive to wreak havoc on the newly restored Metropolis. The mantle of Superwoman will be decided in this debut chapter of “Super Women”!
Note the phrase "newly restored Metropolis". So, Superman: Reborn looks like it is not going to just effect Superman's life and some of the people around him, but actually "restore" Metropolis itself. Potentially, the whole city could go Pre-Crisis, I guess, or be the two timelines merging together, the missing 10 years restored but the New52 counting, or whatever. Less limited than we thought *if* I'm not reading too much into a few words on summary for a future issue, that is.