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    Default PREVIEW: Superman/Wonder Woman, #10

    Twelfth level intellect Lois Lane uses all her new Psi Power against the God of War, Diana, in the ultimate showdown! And Superman must go up against the new Cyborg Superman as an invading armada arrives in space!

    Combo pack edition: $4.99 US.

    Full article here.

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    Another coloring mistake. Seriously, did these artists not get the email that Superman doesn't wear red underwear on the outside of his suit any more?

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    Wow I've been missing some really cool-looking stuff with Supes and WW.

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    Siquiera's art is looking good! But that underwear though...

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    Not much Wonder Woman from the preview, but I hope she gets to be on the front lines against a Cyborg Superman. This sounds like one of those battles that is going to really test their relationship, more so than the battle against Zod. It's hard to tell at this point whether it will strengthen or weaken their relationship. It may end up doing a little of both, but that would still be more than anyone has done with a relationship in the past several years at DC or Marvel for that matter. I'm very burned out on this notion that every relationship only becomes interesting when they're getting together or breaking up. That's what destroyed relationships like Peter/Mary Jane and I don't want to see that with Superman/Wonder Woman. Real relationships involve struggle, growth, and personal development. So far, we've had plenty of that in Superman/Wonder Woman and I hope we see plenty more.
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