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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeeguy91 View Post
    I’d actually wanna see an arc or two where Barry gets depowered and Wally has to take over as the main Flash. Or where the Speed Force can only work for one of them at a time and they agree to hand off powers every other week.
    Or trap Wally in the Speed Force again, but allow him to trade places with Barry every time the one not in the Speed Force crosses their arms to strike two special wrist bands together?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackalope89 View Post
    Flash War! Where Wally insists Barry is Flash, while Barry insists Wally is Flash! It will be tense! It will be strenuous! As they wait for the barista to bring them their coffee!

    Then Iris steps in and tells both of them, that they are BOTH Flash!
    lol then they will insist she is the real flash while they are both unworthy of the speed force due to gorilla grodd whispering something to them.

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