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    Default So here's the simple explanation of what we know IMO

    Okay. So it's been established, and said many times by DC that Superdad Blue is from pre flashpoint. Some people are a little confused because of him supposedly remembering silver age continuity as well, and because post COIE - pre flashpoint Supermans history is segmented by soft reboots of (mostly his origin) . The reference to the Silver Age is in Trinity #1, when Supes brings up the rainbow batman suit. But that was actually canon during pre flashpoint so it's makes sense. Batman is almost exactly the same as pre flashpoint, except for some changes to the Robins timeline. But focusing on the title. It's also been said by DC that the New 52 universe was never a totally new universe. This is a new revelation. We now know that Barry didn't inadvertently deleted an entire universe, instead left it open for Manhattan to steal 10 years away. We've been shown now that during the process Superman was split by Manhattan into the red/blue halves. He took the red and (along with the rest of the universe) de-aged him. Leaving Blue behind. My interpretation now is that (Now you guys remember Relic right? GL character?) is that the change was kind of seemless, but some Relic-esque remnants of the universe remained in their own vibrational pocket. Those remnants were like Blue ,and MaLois, and the pre flashpoint characters that appeared in Convergence. And since Convergence can basically just be glossed over at this point and seen really just as the vehicle for how Blue and Ma Lois get to New Earth the details of what really happened there aren't necessary. But basically my point is that this "New Earth" is the exact same as the Pre Flashpoint universe. It's just been altered temporally so that bits and pieces are messed with and 10 years wiped from history. Its almost the original Crisis all over again because the reboot literally just transforms the characters into their new iteration. Wally West should have been part of this universe after the events of Flashpoint but was cast into the speed force shortly before the start of the New 52 stories removing history of being Kid Flash and so on, but it's still kinda there because it's in wally and wally wasn't actually deleted, Abracadabra simply cause him to enter the speed force attempting too, but his history did go with him and it also backfired on the zealous magician, as he probably can't work the power he received for (for some reason) being Manhattans "vassal" of sorts. Once Wally comes back, his history comes in his head, and via speedforce malarkey he conveys it to the people who know him (except Linda). So now Supes has merges halves and we'll see what kind of ripple effects will happen to the rest of the universe. We're getting a mix of Supes history, and now we know (more like solidified the knowledge ) that the universe and it's history is fragile. The New 52 was basically stories about the next phase in the main DC universe story. Rebirth is essentially about the characters discovering that they've had lives stolen from them and hunting for the hope that's been lost. Wally West was the first step in starting that wheel in motion. Sure Superdad Blue was there first but he had no idea the true happenings around him. Wally actually vaguely witnessed what fucked with time. Not specifically Manhattan but his power. Mr. Oz is very likely Ozimandias, and in a "Silver Surfer to Galactus " kind of dynamic with Manhattan. He's got some of his power to use, and he's helping put some things in place for his boss, but I think he has his own agenda. (Maybe because Manhattan has completey lost it in what he's been doing)

    I think this is a pretty solid summary. If you don't agree with some of the interpretations let hash it out . It didn't take me much thinking to arrive at this, so I don't really think DC is being all that convuluted in this new soft reboot. In fact I think it's kinda neat how meta it is. Anyways discussion?
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    It is a pretty solid summary; solid as a brick wall (of text).

    Pro tip: paragraph breaks are your friend.
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    Too long; didn't read.

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