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The Flying Bullet: Graphic Novel/Film---A Sci-Fi; Story going from the Cotton Field to Outer Space
Huntsville, Alabama, March 29, 2017 (

Heroes Like Me Entertainment
will release a graphic novel and film called THE FLYING BULLET. It is the tale of Tuskegee Airman, Lt. Curt Masters, who is kidnapped by aliens and has to fight for an Earth that doesn't fight for him. This project has been six years in the making.

Lt. Curt Masters, a Tuskegee Airman, is flying a combat mission over the skies of Nazi Germany in 1945. He encounters an alien craft. He engages the craft unsuccessfully. Soon, he is aboard the UFO and is charged with Obstruction of Galactic Operations. He and the people of earth are on trial for their survival. Can Curt Masters free himself from over a billion miles away? Will he ever return home? Or will he die at the hands of The Warlord. In this new universe, he meets Aliena-a Galactic Police officer, Sutter-a mysterious friend or foe and ARC, who is an android without a will of his own. Curt will learn that once you Look Forward you can Never Go Back. Written by Chris Love, this graphic novel offers new worlds and possibilities. A companion feature film has been adapted from this graphic novel.

This is not a Hollywood blockbuster, but a film by one person, Christopher Love. This film is an independent film made by a fan of sci-fi for fans of sci-fi. The characters in the film will be of african-american, asian and hispanic descent.

"During World War II, Black and White Lives, including First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt; petioned the government to allow Black Americans to fight and defend their country by training them to fly. All they asked in return was the opportunity to enjoy in the blessings of our great nation. This story is about one person who had to fight and defend the whole planet," says Chris Love.

This graphic novel/film is in the direct response to the lack of diversity in Science Fiction and Fantasy.
"We've waited for Hollywood to present stories of the future that has more than Caucasian characters in it. The Future is for everyone, but on the big screen I do not always see someone like me or my kids in that future. I'm doing this for them and other kids of color and diversity who deserves to see themselves on the big screen, tablet or phone to enjoy. Everyone deserves heroes that look like them," says Chris Love.

This is Mr. Love's first graphic novel and film. He has been writing for over 20 years. He is the Chief Creative Officer of Heroes Like Me Entertainment.
Mr. Love concludes by saying, "If you want something you never had, you must do something you never did."
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